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Four Ways to Enjoy Moalboal, Cebu

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on April 18, 2017

April 14-16, 2017 (Moalboal, Cebu). First time to fly with the handsome man! The journey started off with a bus trip to Dau, Pampanga, spent the night there so we won’t have a problem catching the first flight to Cebu from Clarkfield Airport. From Cebu City, we took an Uber to the bus station to Moalboal then took a tricycle to the guest house.


These are the four (4) reasons why Moalboal has a special place in my heart:

1.  Truly, there’s a whole new world under the sea! Seeing the turtles or pawikan swimming, eating and just being so cute just before my eyes was just priceless. It was even more amazing when I got to see the sardines free (and not dead in cans) in the water. I’ve got no underwater photos though because I didn’t bring any underwater camera… but I’m telling you, it’s better to be free from those gadgets when you’re out to see these things. I sure got to enjoy that precious moment! But surely I’ve got photos before jumping into the water, hehe!





 2. To give a little more excitement, we rented a scooter so we could go wherever and just invent our own adventure. We found the way to the coldest hot springs (weird I know haha!) ever called Mainit Hotsprings. We also made sure we find out why everyone wants to see Kawasan Falls (again, no picture haha!).



3. And it really wouldn’t be perfect if it weren’t for the place we booked! We discovered Herbs Guesthouse which has just been running for only 2 months. Owned by a Filipino (Kiko) and German (Sabine) couple, they really made a “home away from home” for their guests. With only three (3) rooms, we surely had our own quiet time during our stay. And the food! This couple makes delicious meals with a lot of vegetables that they pick from their garden of herbs! Dinner is just the start of the endless exchange of stories from the owners and the guests. Kiko and Sabine have seen the world and they just love to share their interesting experiences to everyone! What an interesting couple.Anyway, the guest house gives an authentic buhay-probinsya experience: there’s no air conditioning and no hot shower. The place has proper ventilation plus the electric fan is very strong that I call it “helicopter” and they have tabo and timba (search if you don’t know!) instead of the hot shower which actually saves a lot of water and electricity.

And to top it all, it’s just one minute walk away from the beach where we saw the turtles and about 3 minute ride from Panagsama Beach where we saw the sardines!


Jan and I just right outside our room.





Filipinos represent!


Before leaving Herbs Guest House with Kiko and Sabine.

4. The fact that there’s crappy internet service actually worked its wonders! We were detached from the cyber world and we just enjoyed our time together. 



Now that we’re both recharged, we’re ready to be back to our regular programming! 🙂


Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on May 30, 2013

Walkathon! 🙂

Designer Show B

Designer: Lizanne Cua

Lizanne Cua

Magnum presents LUXEWEAR and Katutubo Collections

Designer: Delby Bragais

Delby Bragais

Designer: Ronaldo Arnaldo

Rinaldo Arnaldo

Designer: Peter Lim

Peter Lim

Designer: Harley Ruedas

Harley Ruedas

Photos from: Status Magazine

Madhouse Manila (January 2013)

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on January 28, 2013

First fashion editorial for this year! 🙂 Keep it coming!

Madhouse Manila (January 2013)


Photographer: Miguel Alomajan
Stylist, Art Director.: Shandii J
Hair & Make-up Artist: Abby Maglaya
Model: Farah Ramos at Yeoh Models
Special Thanks to: Anne Garcia
Deconstruct Cover
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Deconstruct _0352 copy
Deconstruct _0373 copy
Deconstruct _0444 copy
Deconstruct _0463 copy
Deconstruct _0609 copy
Deconstruct _0659 copy

Jack TV’s Surviving Caramoan

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on December 28, 2012

September 27 – 30, 2012 — Ten (10) contestants with different personalities were chosen by Jack TV to be part of Surviving Caramoan. Luckily, I was one of those 10, yey!

Surviving Caramoan 1

My adventurous side kicked in once again. I agreed to join a competition where I had to be with total strangers for three (3) days. Even the fact that I wasn’t physically ready for any sports competition wasn’t a hindrance, haha! I just packed my stuff (and we weren’t informed about the entire itinerary so I didn’t know what exactly to bring… I packed whatever I thought I’d need anyway!), went to work then proceeded to Solar Entertainment’s office in Mandaluyong.

Retzel Orquiza was the first contestant that I met. We arrived at the same time… boy was he prepared! He brought a camping bag, haha! I totally didn’t look like I was one of the contestants beside this tall guy. He looked like he really do join competitions like this. I didn’t look like I was part of the said compeition (especially with make-up on since I came from fitting), haha!

At around 6pm, we were off to Bicol! It was a 14-hour bus ride to Sabang. I must say it was the most comfortable bus ride I’ve ever had thanks to LazyBoy!

L-R: Alex Pancho, Randy Vitales, Joseph Avisa, and I

Surviving Caramoan 2

First stop-over in McDonald’s for dinner. L-R: Me, Alex Pancho, Joseph Avisa, and Marlo Naval

Surviving Caramoan 3

Before the 2-hour boat ride to Caramoan. L-R: Joseph Avisa, Randy Vitales, Alex Pancho, Jacqueline Fuentebella, Shane Smith, me, RV Mitra, and Marlo NavalSurviving Caramoan 3 a

The most uncomfy ride! Couldn’t position myself and couldn’t help myself from being jealous for Joseph’s space at the back. He slept like a baby!

Surviving Caramoan 4

GOTA VILLAGE RESORT – where Surviving Caramoan was held.

Surviving Caramoan 10

After the boat ride was a land trip to Gota Village Resort! At last, we thought we could already take a rest but no. We were given 5 minutes to prepare and get the stuff that we’d like to bring to the island.

Surviving Caramoan 5

This photo was shot right before the first challenge!

Surviving Caramoan 6

After this photo, we were on a boat again but still had no idea about what was going to happen. In the middle of the sea, Steve Patrick, the host, announced our first challenge: to swim 200 meters to the next island and find Surviving Caramoan flags. I was doomed. I didn’t know how to swim! :))

Surviving Caramoan 7

I was the first one to jump into the water because I really had to since I don’t have the skills! I competed against a triathlete, swimmers, and other athletic people. All of them could swim. I wasn’t the last to get out of the water but because of the effort I put in, I couldn’t move my legs anymore. I was so darn exhausted to find the Surviving Caramoan flags. Retzel Orquiza won this challenge while Me and Mark Que were eliminated.

The second challenge was the mind game. They had to remember characters. This time RV Mitra won while Jacqueline Fuentebella, Randy Vitales and Alex Pancho were eliminated.

Surviving Caramoan 8

Third challenge: Dig using a paddle, look for 5 rings made up of rope, and shoot in the basket that was tied to their waste. We were the cheerleaders of the remaining five (5): RV Mitra, Marlo Naval, Shane Smith, Retzel Orquiza, and Joseph Avisa. Shane Smith won this challenge, Retzel Orquiza came in second. Twenty (20) minutes later, Joseph Avisa found his 5th ring. RV Mitra and Marlo Naval were eliminated.

L-R: Me, Randy Vitales, Jacqueline Fuentebella, and Jade

Surviving Caramoan 9

Fourth and Final Challenge: Balancing. Retzel Orquiza, Shane Smith, and Joseph Avisa were fighting for P100,000! First one to give up was Retzel Orquiza then Shane Smith. It was Joseph Avisa who brought the cash prize home!

Surviving Caramoan 11

In the interview, I remember saying it’s very important to be prepared when you’re competing and I must admit that I wasn’t. I didn’t have any physical training since the start of the year. No gym, no running, no anything. I do agree with Daddy Alex when he said being one of the ten (10) contestants, going to Caramoan, and CWC were already enough for us. And the best part was meeting the other 9 finalists. It was evident at first that we had different personalities. I never thought I’d build a strong relationship with them. We all joined the competition as strangers and went home as a barkada!

Here’s a photo of the ten (10) finalists of Surviving Caramoan: RV Mitra (businessman), Farah Ramos, Mark Que (student), Alex Pancho (father), Randy Vitales (Marketing Officer), Shane Smith (military trainee and model), Jacqueline Fuentebella (travel agent), Joseph Avisa (HP Manager), Retzel Orquiza (triathlete), and Marlo Naval (DJ)

Surviving Caramoan 12

Surviving Caramoan 13

BONDING with the finalists, medical team, Jack TV staff and crew!

Surviving Caramoan 14

Surviving Caramoan 15

Waiting for the van… we were off to Camsur Watersports Complex for the awarding ceremonies! Whoohooo!

Surviving Caramoan 16

Day 2: Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC)

Surviving Caramoan 17



Dinner and Awarding Ceremony:


The winner with his big, fat cheque!


Thank you Jack TV, Sun Cellular, and Swish!

Swish and Sun Cellular


After-party at Happy Ending where Retzel was the only one who had a happy ending, LOL! :))


Hayyyy, bye Bicol! Thanks for the once-in-a-lifetime experience!Bye

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013: Lizanne Cua

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on November 3, 2012

Photography: Louie Parinas

Model: Farah Ramos, Khamae Sore, and Eriko Malabanan of YEOH MODELS

Hair: Katchie Mejias

Make-up: Rochelle Lacuna

Did the press kit and video for Ms. Lizanne Cua‘s show for Philippine Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2013 entitled “Of Half Light.” Feel free to check out the photos and the cool video created by Matthew Valeriano of Versa-Vise Productions:

Teaser video (official video will be posted soon!):

The Action Packed Shoot! (Gem Velasco Designs)

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on October 3, 2012

Photographer: Jar Concengco

Designer: Gem Velasco

Make-up Artist: Allen Gyan  

Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Show 2012

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on September 5, 2012

Fashion Institute of the Philippines paved way to the birth of a new batch of designers as they graduate last August 30, 2012 at Resorts World. Thirty-three (33) new designers showcased four (4) pieces each. I was so privileged to model for Gem Velasco, Aya Ayalin, Jon Maderazo, and Marian Zara Madayag.

GEM VELASCO – She calls it Transfiguration (Autumny Effect), we all felt like equestriennes with the coolest pairs of 8-inch-platforms.

AYA AYALIN – Have you heard someone say “Those clothes are photogenic!” ? This is the perfect collection where you could utter those words. They come alive in photos and that’s very important in photos and videos. I can see these pieces on TV or in print.

JON MADERAZO – He said I look like a “Diva” that’s why he chose this piece for me. Hope I get to see a photo with the most interesting details of this creation… the uber high slit and the gold underwear. The fabric flows beautifully when I walked, that’s when the gold underwear can be seen. Sexy yet classy.

MARIAN ZARA MADAYAG – A Piet Mondrian – inspired creation. Marian even accentuated her collection with lego accessories. She’s a designer to watch out for!

Models from L-R: Khamae Sore, Farah Ramos, Jastine Ilagan, and Kristine Montes at Yeoh Models

Photos: Paul Cortes, Diego Lee, and Al Destacamento

Jakarta, Indonesia (Day 2 – Visit to the Cathedral and meeting our “Ketut”)

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on July 25, 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012 – Jem and I decided to head to the cathedral in Monas after our trip to the National Museum. This is what welcomed us when we went down the taksi (taxi).

Too bad the doors were already closed. We won’t be able to go inside and pray.

So Jem and I went to the area were you could light candles. That was where we prayed… until an old man approached us and asked if we wanted to go inside the cathedral. Of course we did! So he got the keys and toured us inside. Unfortunately, all the good photos are in Jem’s camera since I was only using my iTouch.

It’s really beautiful inside thanks to the architect of the cathedral, Marius Hulswit from Holland.

Here are some photos taken by Jem inside the cathedral:


After the tour and praying, our new friend named Soenario Sofian offered us a ride going wherever we intended to go. As always, I was hungry. He ,together with his pal Benny took us to a famous Chinese restaurant for their noodles at Passar Baru.

“S-tee,” is a brand of iced tea. Photos on the left are the meatballs, soup, and noodles. It tasted great!

Here’s our photo with our “Ketut” in Jakarta, Soenario. We met him at the cathedral, took us to Passar Baru for some noodles, and after that we went to Central Park where we had window shopping and dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

Here’s a photo with the annoying Benny in front of his car.

Jem and I were so tired after our tour today. We’re very grateful for having a chance to meet our “Ketut.” He helped us without asking for anything in return. It was pure and genuine kindness and generosity. He even offered to give us a ride to Bandung but we decided not to push through with it because it’s already too much. But we hope we’d get to treat Soenario one of these days to return the favor.

End of Day 2.

Jakarta, Indonesia Trip (Day 2 – in the morning)

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on July 24, 2012

July 22, 2012 – Jem Austria and I took a field trip to the National Museum in the morning.

Re-visited the old times:

This is probably their “bath tub” during their time.

My favorite photo among the bunch. Maybe this is how they create art during their time.

How’s my version? 🙂


Look what I found! The sorting hat of Hogwarts! LOL! :))

Right! A turban, suit, and malong? Really?

Imagine wearing this blouse today? It’s the most uncomfortable material for clothing. But I’m not judging them.

Really now? Nowadays, people pay a huge sum of money just to get shiny white teeth. In the old times, they would blacken their teeth.

To end our mini-field trip, two Indonesians approached us. One of them is an English teacher and the other is his 14-year-old student. The teacher wanted the little girl to practice her English with us.

Watch out for my next post about our interesting visit to the cathedral up until how we ended our day.

Before I end this post, I’d like to share some Bahasa words I’ve learned so far:

For directions: Kiri (left), lurus (straight), and kanan (right)

Thank you – Terima kasih

Good night! – Selamat malam!

Jakarta, Indonesia (Day 1)

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on July 23, 2012

It was a 3-hour trip from Manila, Philippines to Jakarta, Indonesia. I couldn’t concentrate on my sleep because two (2) old Americans were talking as if they wanted all the people in the plane to listen to their conversation. It was my first time to travel to an international destination by myself so I was very much excited!

When I got to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, I took a Blue Bird Taxi as instructed by Jem Austria, a friend who lives in Jakarta for 2 months now. I had the biggest mistake of not asking for a metered taxi so I paid 250,000 rupiyah going to my hotel. Anyway, the taxi driver spoke good English which made me feel welcome here in Indonesia.

Blessing Residence, the place where I’m staying, is actually a guest house. It’s really not a hotel. It’s actually pretty hard to locate, so I had to trust the taxi driver. The place wasn’t bad at all! Here’s a photo of the lobby:

I arrived at 1:30 am Indonesian time (Philippines is 1 hour ahead) so I just unloaded some of my stuff, went online for a while, then went to bed. I didn’t wake up til lunch so I ordered food at the roof deck. I knew Indonesian cuisine is spicy so I instructed the waiter not to make it spicy… but still… It tasted so good but I just couldn’t take spicy foods. I was fighting off my tears while eating, it was a first haha!

After eating, I decided to go to the mall. So I went back to my room and prepare for my first adventure here in Jakarta:

I asked the receptionist on options on how to get to Ambassador Mall just here in Kuningan. It was either a taxi or Ojek (motorcycle taxi). I chose the latter since I didn’t wanna spend much on transportation. I went back to my room to change into my pants. I paid 30,000 rupiyah for the Ojek ride.

An adventure indeed! If the jeepney drivers are the “kings of the road” in the Philippines, it’s the ojek drivers in Indonesia. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to capture photos during my ride. It was really an interesting experience. They have even smaller streets… streets you won’t imagine any mode of transportation could pass through. I won’t forget the 1-meter wide street beside a river. CRAZY! Anyway, here’s a photo before me and ojek driver took off:

Apart from a cute sleeveless shirt, accessories, and a vest, there wasn’t much beautiful items at the Ambassador Mall. I was a bit taken aback by the prices. It looks like Divisoria but the prices were a more expensive. So I took an ojek again going to Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia. I paid 25,000 rupiyah for the ride. Here’s a shot I took of Plaza Indonesia. I couldn’t take more photos since I was too excited to go inside:

And here’s the view from Plaza Indonesia:

Found these traditional Indonesian instruments. Don’t I look like a local here? 😛

I was pretty amazed with their food court. It looked extraordinary. It wasn’t just a simple area with chairs in the middle. I felt like I was in a castle. Look at this shot:

After hours of alone time, I went back to the guest house to freshen up. Jem followed me there… then off we went to the mall and I found “TALAGA” restaurant. In Tagalog, it means “indeed.”

After dinner, we decided to just stay at Jem’s apartment, grabbed some Blueberry-flavored Vodka first then spent some bonding time. Right before my last sip, I dozed off…

…end of Day 1