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Four Ways to Enjoy Moalboal, Cebu

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on April 18, 2017

April 14-16, 2017 (Moalboal, Cebu). First time to fly with the handsome man! The journey started off with a bus trip to Dau, Pampanga, spent the night there so we won’t have a problem catching the first flight to Cebu from Clarkfield Airport. From Cebu City, we took an Uber to the bus station to Moalboal then took a tricycle to the guest house.


These are the four (4) reasons why Moalboal has a special place in my heart:

1.  Truly, there’s a whole new world under the sea! Seeing the turtles or pawikan swimming, eating and just being so cute just before my eyes was just priceless. It was even more amazing when I got to see the sardines free (and not dead in cans) in the water. I’ve got no underwater photos though because I didn’t bring any underwater camera… but I’m telling you, it’s better to be free from those gadgets when you’re out to see these things. I sure got to enjoy that precious moment! But surely I’ve got photos before jumping into the water, hehe!





 2. To give a little more excitement, we rented a scooter so we could go wherever and just invent our own adventure. We found the way to the coldest hot springs (weird I know haha!) ever called Mainit Hotsprings. We also made sure we find out why everyone wants to see Kawasan Falls (again, no picture haha!).



3. And it really wouldn’t be perfect if it weren’t for the place we booked! We discovered Herbs Guesthouse which has just been running for only 2 months. Owned by a Filipino (Kiko) and German (Sabine) couple, they really made a “home away from home” for their guests. With only three (3) rooms, we surely had our own quiet time during our stay. And the food! This couple makes delicious meals with a lot of vegetables that they pick from their garden of herbs! Dinner is just the start of the endless exchange of stories from the owners and the guests. Kiko and Sabine have seen the world and they just love to share their interesting experiences to everyone! What an interesting couple.Anyway, the guest house gives an authentic buhay-probinsya experience: there’s no air conditioning and no hot shower. The place has proper ventilation plus the electric fan is very strong that I call it “helicopter” and they have tabo and timba (search if you don’t know!) instead of the hot shower which actually saves a lot of water and electricity.

And to top it all, it’s just one minute walk away from the beach where we saw the turtles and about 3 minute ride from Panagsama Beach where we saw the sardines!


Jan and I just right outside our room.





Filipinos represent!


Before leaving Herbs Guest House with Kiko and Sabine.

4. The fact that there’s crappy internet service actually worked its wonders! We were detached from the cyber world and we just enjoyed our time together. 



Now that we’re both recharged, we’re ready to be back to our regular programming! 🙂


My Pursuit of the Bali Magic

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on March 31, 2017

On my 30thbirthday, I promised myself I’d let go of all my baggage. All the sufferings I’ve experienced for years, all the wasted sacrifices, the shattered dream, and my mistake of choosing a wrong mentor. I had to be reassured that all the stress of the past was part of a higher plan.

I booked myself a week of solo travel in Bali, Indonesia in the hope of healing my worn-out soul. In the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love,” Julia Roberts found love in Bali. But for me, I wanted peace of mind to be back in my being.

On my first two (2) days, I got thrilled when my Indonesian friend, Fita Pamela, told me that she also had plans to go to Bali and told me we should go together. She even picked me up from the airport, what a darling! We wasted no time! As soon as we deposited our luggage in the hotel, she toured me around… she drove a rented scooter and I was riding at the back. First we went to Padang-Padang Beach. It was about 40 mins away from our hotel in Kuta. On our way there, I smelled the familiar scent of Indonesia. I don’t know why, but I felt like I was home. I felt like I was within the comforts of a safe zone — no one and nothing to harm me.






On the way back, we got a flat tire. Fita drove the scooter and I had to walk when we were looking for a vulcanizing shop. Even this couldn’t kill my vibe. I told Fita, it’s still a good day!

When our scooter was good as new, I was brought to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Uluwatu. Majority of the population in Bali practice Hinduism and this cultural park is devoted to the Hindu God Vishnu and his mount, Garuda, the mythical bird who became his companion (source: Wikipedia).




Last stop for the day was the famous Kuta Beach. I didn’t really see the point of all the hype about this beach, to be honest. I didn’t see anything special about it. But still, I enjoyed seeing the sunset, as always!

Farah010.jpgThe next day (and Fita’s last day in Bali), we went to Oceans 27 and Bali Garden Beach Resort just at the back of Discovery Shopping Mall which was a 5-minute walk from our hotel. I loved it. I told myself I have found my perfect spot.





Meet the cantik (which means beautiful in Bahasa Indonesia), Fita! Thank you very much for showing me around! 🙂



After that was the beginning of my solo trip. My friend, Michael Lastimosa, introduced me to his friend who’s based in Bali. He was probably scared for me for doing this trip on my own. Hehe! And so I got invited to a beach party in Finn’s Beach Club, Canggu thanks to Oan Sevilla and his boyfriend Nico Nico Mare. Although the DJ wasn’t really good, I had a ball with my new friends. Plus, I met Gary Marsiano and her group! Such cool people! I ended up tagging along with them the whole night. We went to different clubs and finished at around 5am! Haha! I ended up staying at Gary’s house too. Yes, she adopted me!




The next day, we went to Love Anchor Canggu. And in that instant, I fell in love with Canggu. I should have gone straight there. I love how peaceful and laidback it was. I wish I had a chance to wander more but I had to go back to Kuta.


On my last night in Kuta, I experienced another “first.” I went to party by myself! Hahaha! I went to Potato Head in Seminyak. I wish I went there a little earlier to witness the sunset. It was one of the best spots to watch it while having a cocktail. Anyway, a few minutes later, someone approached me and we became instant friends! Her name is Melyna and she’s from Mauritius. I really enjoy meeting people and sharing stories with them! Here’s a photo of us:


And the much-awaited visit to Ubud has finally come! I fell in love with Kuta, then realized I was more in love with Canggu but when I got to Ubud, I knew it was what true love is. Haha!

I stayed in Swan Inn (near Monkey Forest). Later I found out that this is how traditional Balinese houses are. It’s dominated by pavilions and a central courtyard. Each house has different functions. They also have a family shrine in their compound. Ours is a modern version… with the pool and more houses than the original basic houses.

Every single day I was in Ubud, I made sure I go to a Yoga class. I went to Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio, Yoga Barn and Ubud Yoga House (my favorite because it was located in the outskirts of Ubud and you’ll pass by the rice paddies). I felt very calm and relaxed. The practice just brings out optimism, relaxation and positive energies. I loved every single class I took plus I even got to enjoy a beautiful view of the rice paddies and I could hear the sound of nature too.

Another thing I appreciated most about Ubud was that I got my “alone time.” I enjoyed going to restaurants with nice ambience and just read a book I bought in a book sale. I liked eating by myself too without having the need to speak. These are moments I treasure because I like spending time with myself.



And suddenly I realized I had to see more of Ubud… so I booked a cycling tour. I got to see the Tegalalang Rice Terraces, saw how Luwak Coffee is processed, and I got to cycle around for hours! It was non-stop downhill and a little uphill. We didn’t really use the pedals that much, haha! It even rained but of course I didn’t give in. Good thing there was a couple in our group who wanted to continue the tour as well. I felt so free as I go around with my bicycle!


On my last day, I had the best yoga experience at Ubud Yoga House and Balinese massage afterwards. I wanted to stay longer but thank goodness I got everything I needed out of this trip.


Kuta, Uluwatu, and Canggu served as distraction from all the pain and suffering I dealt with during the past years. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every single thing I did but Ubud… Ubud was where I found the Bali Magic. The whole place just brought peace of mind to my lost soul. I realized there will always be people who will drag you down, who will never be happy for your achievements. I also realized I can always build new dreams… dreams that will allow me to be happy. I spent years trying to save a sinking ship. But you can never save a sinking ship with a passenger who doesn’t really care about the ship. It’s just there but it’s letting you save it yourself. Even if you know it can really help you, it still won’t. I got burned out so I just left the ship. I swam and found peace in the ocean until I found the shore. I saved myself.

I thank Bali for casting its spell on me. I got to save myself before I started this trip but I had to save my soul. Yoga and the peaceful vibe in this trip just made me love life once again. The old me who used to be inspired every single day, motivated to work all the time and the me who was full of optimism died… and Bali resurrected my old self. And that to me, is the Bali Magic.

Mt. Batulao – The Rappelling Experience

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on December 3, 2016

November 30, 2016 – My trekking gears were used once again as I climb my mountain # 4, Mt. Batulao in Batangas!

By far one of the most challenging I’ve climbed so far as we had to endure the strong wind while walking by cliffs. My knees were literally shaking as I put one foot infront of the other. But of course I kept my game face on. Saying out loud that I was getting a bit dizzy because of the heights wouldn’t help. And so I tried my very best to keep a slow pace and stop from time to time to appreciate the beautiful view (my effective way of distracting myself).

Going up the summit, I got too excited that I walked past my friends and another group… Until I reached my favorite part of the trail, RAPPELLING! One group was too far ahead of me and my friends were too far behind. I was too excited that I did it by myself. And that’s the reason why I don’t have any photos or videos while doing it! Wow! I felt like a daredevil when I was holding on to rocks and the rope! I loved every bit of it!

The only thing I hated about the whole trail was seeing garbage all over. The Leave No Trace (LNT) policy wasn’t strictly enforced. I was deeply sad that the mountaineers and the guides get to enjoy the beautiful view but have no discipline to take care of the mountain.

To all mountaineers and hiking enthusiasts, please please be responsible and make sure that everyone follows the LNT policy. This will definitely be good for Mt. Batulao and all mountains so we can still enjoy hiking them.

I made a VLOG on this trip. Kindly click on this: FARAH RAMOS ON YOUTUBE

Adventure: Mt. Batolusong and Kay-ibon Falls

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on August 4, 2016


As they say, “third time’s a charm!” Mt. Batolusong in Tanay, Rizal is the third mountain I trekked. And again, there are not much photos as I am still getting the hang of walking uphill. I’ve got to be honest, I experienced shortness of breath here compared to Mt. Palaypalay in Pico de Loro where I felt it was easier to trek (wow, yabang haha!) because this mountain is more steep  (while Mt. Palaypalay is rocky).

I am still deciding whether or not it was a good idea that we trekked last Sunday (July 31, 2016) since there was a thunderstorm, haha! It definitely made it even more challenging!

Seeing the “sea of clouds” is one of the highlights when climbing Mt. Batolusong. You will see all sorts of blogs and Instagram photos attesting this, but oh boy, since there was a thunderstorm, we didn’t get the chance to see any scenic view! So as soon as we got to the camp site, I already felt the freezing cold! And it was such a good decision not to bring any jacket nor umbrella, I was already starting to chill by this time (ayan kasi).

Here’s a photo taken a few steps from the camp site:


These are Marisca and Marie, the two cool and strong girls I met who’ve been climbing numerous mountains!

As mentioned, there was no view that can be seen because of the nimbus clouds so here’s the group at the summit! We were glad to have reached it still:

And so we descended and went to Kay-ibon Falls:

It was already raining by this time. But even if I was already chilling like hell, I was still so stubborn enough to go into the freezing cold water!

On our way back to jump off area, the trail was muddy. It was raining so hard! Check out this short video I made on YouTube to see how challenging the descent was: FARAH RAMOS on YOUTUBE (Disclaimer: I know it’s not the best quality of video that you’ll see but I promise I’ll try to do better next time! 😛 )

I felt like a real mountaineer having experienced something as extreme as this! So I am definitely gonna do this again! 🙂

Watch out for my next adventures! Send me a message if you’ve got questions or if you’d like to know more about my trips! 🙂

Trekking: Pico de Loro, Mt. Palaypalay

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on August 3, 2016

It took me ten (10) long years to hike again! My mother mountain is Mt. Maculot in Batangas and I intend to climb a whole lot more mountains!

Last week, me and my friends trekked Mt. Palay Palay in Pico de Loro. My strength and endurance were definitely tested. But the ever competitive me just kept going and going, trying to keep up with the fit mountaineers.

It was challenging because of the wet rocks, it was so slippery. But all in all, it was a fun mountain to climb!

Here are some photos when I was almost at the summit:

And here are some photos at the summit! I was at awe with mother nature’s beauty. I’m just so glad I am given this chance to enjoy this beautiful view. To stop for a while… to ponder, to appreciate and to love the things that my eyes are so fortunate to see.

And now I know that climbing mountains will cleanse my soul in a different level… so I intend to trek more! On to the next!

“Jump Off a Cliff and Build Your Wings on the Way Down” (Magic Island, Aklan)

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on December 10, 2014

Magic Island, Aklan (Dec 5, 2014)

The adrenaline rush has become an addiction of mine —- heart racing, free fall, the danger, the risk! I’ve always wanted to jump off a cliff!

From Boracay, me and my cousin took a Paraw (sail boat) to go to Magic Island. There are two cliff diving/ jumping points near Boracay (Ariel’s Point and Magic Island). All the boats stopped operating that time because of the weather. A typhoon was coming in 2 days, so just to be extra careful, the coast guard disallowed all water activities. The Paraw was an exception because since it’s a sailboat, it uses the wind to sail.

About thirty minutes from Boracay, we got to Magic Island. By this time we were already so excited to jump! You see, I don’t know how to swim but I did it anyway. I made sure I had a life jacket on (don’t worry, it was an old one so it wasn’t hard and I knew it wouldn’t choke me).

It was a 10-meter drop! Of course it looked like I was gonna chicken out at first because I chose the highest point. It took me about 5 minutes to actually jump into the water! I must say, it was by far one of the most amazing activities I’ve ever tried in my life. My butt hurt because of the impact but other than that, it was really awesome!!!



I would definitely do this again next time!

A Second Look at Iloilo City

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on August 30, 2014

Aug 23, 2014 — This was my second time to visit Iloilo. Once again, just like in almost all of my trips, I had an ‘amazing race’ during my brief stay in this city. A few hours before my flight back to Manila, I made sure I get to see the beauty of the city, taste the delicious delicacies, and buy some pasalubong.


Of course having a photo taken at the Iloilo River Esplanade is a must! It just makes the trip official with the “I am Iloilo” as my background. It’s such a feast for the eyes, both the river as well as the riverbank are clean! I sniff the air, half expecting the river stinks. Fortunately, the air is fresh, with no smell at all. And look at this photo, not a single trash can be seen:


It’s such an inspiring story. My friends from Iloilo say this was totally different before as there were riverbank settlers back then. But with the cooperation of the Iloilo residents to the government’s plan to rehabilitate the river, it has become this beautiful. All the efforts that the Iloilo government did from the planning until the execution should be shared to all the leaders that are responsible for developing all the other rivers in the country.


Even if I am not a resident of Iloilo, I can’t help myself from being proud of what it has become. This is my second time in Iloilo and even if I was already amazed by what I saw then, I am even more impressed this time. The roads are bigger now, there are a lot of businesses that will soon open.

The Ilonggos are proud of their city government and the programs that they are doing. I have a slight pang of jealousy because I want to feel the same kind of pride I have with the entire country. The good news is, this just goes to show that it is possible to have a country like Iloilo. And the biggest part of this success is the residents’ support their city government, they have confidence and trust with their leaders and that’s actually how it’s supposed to be. It’s a team effort after all.


Next stop: The Lizares Mansion

The Lizares Mansion (see photo above) was built in 1937 by the sugar barons at that time. During the World War II, the Lizares-Gamboa family left for Pototan, Iloilo. During that time, the Japanese army turned the mansion into their headquarters. People believe that the basement was where the tortured Filipinos were dumped. After the war, the family returned. In 1950, Don Emiliano Lizares died so the mansion was leased to a businessman who turned it into a casino. The city mayor had it closed down. In 1962, it was sold to the Dominicans and in 1978, it became the Angelicum School Iloilo.


Since I compressed all my activities in one day, I was so hungry when the photo above was taken (I am grumpy when I’m hungry!). Iloilo is known for their La Paz Batchoy. My friends told me that the authentic La Paz Batchoy can be found in the market so off I went to the La Paz Market and chose Netong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy.


Look at that Batchoy! It has egg, crushed chicharon, chunks of chicken breast, loins of beef, innards of pork, vegetables, and of course the noodles and soup. I had to ask for an extra soup after I finished my bowl, it was that delicious!


My trip won’t be complete without trying out the coffee from Madge Cafe. Since 1941, it has been Iloilo’s iconic coffee shop. It only costs P25! I am no coffee drinker but if I were an Iloilo resident, I’d be a frequent customer and would definitely choose Madge Cafe over the famous coffee shops that we have now. It is affordable and I love the ambience of the place. I like how laid-back it is, very relaxing.



And then after all the wandering, the inevitable had to happen. I had to pack my stuff and head back to Manila. See you again, Iloilo!


Have a look at my post during my first time in Iloilo: https://farahramos.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/april-28-30-2010-iloilo-city/

DoubleDragon Boat Race 2014 in Iloilo

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on August 29, 2014

The DoubleDragon Boat Race 2014 that was organized by Sen. Pres. Franklin Drilon, Double Dragon Properties and the Iloilo City Government (with Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog and Cong. Jerry Trenas) was held at the Iloilo River last August 23, 2014 . It was formerly known as Sen. Frank Drilon Boat Race and started in 2012.

The race is an effort to raise public awareness and concern towards the Iloilo River. The story itself on how it became as clean as it is now is truly inspirational. 

I am lucky to be the Media Coordinator of the event. We all checked in at the Injap Tower, the tallest building in the city. Here is my photo with half of the press people on our way to the venue of the race:



I am proud to say that my good friend, Councilor Jay Trenas, is one of the people behind the cleaning of the Iloilo River. It’s such an honor to be friends with someone who is responsible for the development of this beautiful city.IMG_4728


After having witnessed the dragon boat race, I’ve become interested in trying out to be a paddler. I want to experience it!IMG_4742

Here’s just the tricky part. I got so involved in the race that I couldn’t forget what happened. During the finals of the men’s division, I was so amazed by the Boracay All-Stars. They were trailing behind the Boracay Sea Dragons. A few meters away from the finish line, that was when they paddled harder. If you were there, I swear, you’d think the Boracay All-Stars won. It was a close fight… like seriously a close fight. 

I spotted one of the paddlers from Boracay All-Stars, Kiko Rustia, and had a photo taken with him. I was that amazed, I am now a fan!IMG_4740

When we were on the way back to the hotel, I found out that it wasn’t the Boracay All-Stars that won, it was the Boracay Sea Dragons. But of course I didn’t believe immediately. I had to ask the organizers for confirmation and then I saw this photo that was posted on the Internet:
IMG_4792Imagine, the Boracay All-Stars were defeated by 52 milliseconds! 

But anyway, congratulations to Boracay SeaDragons for winning! 🙂 Such an amazing first for me to witness a boat race and it was a really really nice race, tight competition! 


For more info about this event, you may check out these articles:

Ian Ulpindo of DragonBoat.ph: https://www.facebook.com/DragonBoatPH

Richard Dy of Spin.ph: http://www.spin.ph/watersports/news/double-dragon-boat-race-iloilo-city-watersports-boat-racing-philippines-boracay-all-stars

Frank Calapre of The Manila Times: http://www.manilatimes.net/breaking_news/boracay-sea-dragons-rule-iloilo-doubledragon-boat-race/

Ramil Cruz of Abante http://www.abante.com.ph/sports3/other-sports/12313/double-dragon-boat-race-papalaot-ngayon.html

Riders, ready!

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on January 13, 2014

It’s challenging to plan a trip for a big group so we decided to go wakeboarding in Republ1c Wake Park last Tues, January 7. It was a half day of trying to get-up the board, balancing and trying our very best to ride around the lake without falling. Most of us were first-timers and we’re so proud to say that all of us were able to stand up! Yey!

Take a glimpse of our “moments” at the lake (click on the link to view the video):

Good place. Great company. Best Friends. from JM Manalang on Vimeo.










Soul Surfed in San Juan, La Union

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on November 2, 2013

It was the long weekend, the last weekend of October 2013 and lucky me, I was invited to go to the La Union Soul Surf Festival 2013. I love the beach, I like surfing, and it’s a music festival so there is absolutely no reason for me to pass up this opportunity to travel and have fun with friends.

My first time to surf was in Baler, Aurora… so I was so curious as to how crazy the waves were in La Union. They say Baler is a haven for first-time surfers and they go to La Union once they’ve improved their surfing skills. That was exactly my impression. But since it was dubbed as “The Surfing Capital of the Nothern Philippines,” San Juan, La Union has perfect spots for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers. So no need to worry guys!

One good thing about festivals is that sponsors put up booths in the event area. Some have photographers so that you could take home some photos that show the memories you’ve had in the event. And what’s even better? They give out free booze, prizes, and there are interactive games and activities!


Here’s just an inevitable shot by the beach. The sound of the waves calms me and basically the reason why I’d love to visit all the other beautiful beaches here in our country.


I just wanna share this guys… I downloaded this new App called Paktor since my friends asked me to. I downloaded it a month ago but it was not until my trip to La Union that I decided to use it. I was surprised when I saw a lot of my friends and even my crush in it! So what does this app do? It connects you to people you’re interested in —- awesome! And it’s all anonymous until that someone you like, likes you back. Even more awesome! 🙂 So if you’re gonna ask me what I do when I’ve nothing to do, I open this app and swipe. Haha! Trying to check out the hotties nearby.


Always, always one of the boys! I was with these two gentlemen (Jal Emata and Kelvin Mangilit) the entire time!



Look who I bumped into! It’s Justin Quirino of 95.5 RT! Good seeing you again, after a long time! 🙂


Notice that I kept bumping into familiar faces during my stay in La Union. And guess who I saw on our 2nd day? My girls (Grace, Thina, and Royce) were there too!


We joined the beer pong contest at the Rayban booth. It was me and Royce against Thina and Grace. Royce and I made a great team-up: I did the shooting while she did the drinking. It was just a great strategy since I shoot better and she could handle alcohol way better than me. Oh did I mention that WE WON??? 🙂


And I kept bumping into more friends that I haven’t seen in a loooooong time! Here’s a photo with Phawie Reyes (we were both interns at Saga Events) and Miah Gomez.


Listened to the beats of DJ Kulkid, R.A.C., and Panic City! The entire music scene at night was amazing that we danced all night!


My new partner-in-crime, Kelvin! Yes, he’s one of the guys I was with in Malaysia and Singapore. 🙂


The booze and the girls! 🙂 (Kelvin, Royce, me and Monique)


And that ends our La Union trip. On the 3rd day, we decided to move from the beach to the mountains. We went to Baguio for lunch!


I havent introduced the entire amazing group yet so here: Krissy, Jal, Monique, Chris Star, me, and Kelvin


St. Bernard’s are pretty popular in Baguio, they were all over Mines View Park. They are HUGE and wear shades like that! COOL!


And again, the group:


And even in Baguio I get to see familiar faces! My beb, Chantal, was there with her oh so cute and adorable son, Andoni!


The fun didn’t stop there. We decided to have dinner at the Isdaan Floating Restaurant in Tarlac. I didn’t take a lot of photos there because they transformed it into a horror house. We were welcomed by a scary shokoy at the entrance. I had goosebumps upon seeing that thing. You see, I don’t even enter horror houses nor watch horror films so I asked the waitress if there were any more scary creatures in the restaurant and asked her to tell them not to scare us. Good thing she obliged.

And after that “challenge,” we roamed around while waiting for our table. It was a long weekend so there were a lot of customers.

I will always be a “bata-batuta” in my mother’s eyes:


And again, the group:


This was a memorable trip… we all laughed at the corniest jokes, ate like pigs, danced all night, and laughed again at the corniest jokes! I am looking forward to another adventure with this group in December. I really hope it pushes through! 🙂