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Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on February 1, 2016

And yet again, I was on blog hiatus for a long time.

The end of 2015 until the beginning of 2016 were not so favorable to me. A lot of setbacks, a lot of trials that truly tested my patience. And the reason why I decided to update my blog is because FINALLY… it reached to a point when everything is already manageable.

For months, I’ve been living on the edge. Day by day, I would be stressed out… figuring out how to get by. One issue hasn’t been solved and yet another puzzle would suddenly pop up, waiting to be figured out.

Every so often I would post a quote of optimism on Facebook. It’s a way for me to uplift my spirit, in order to keep holding on. I would even remember those lessons I learned from when I was still a varsity player… things on court that can be applied in real life:

  1. “Kapit lang.” Even if the opponent already scored 24, just keep believing you can still win. Hindi pa tapos ang laban. Keep fighting.
  2. “Believe in yourself.” Never allow those negative thoughts to enter your mind… In the first place, you made it to the team because you’ve got potential. All you have to do now that your part of it, is to prove yourself that you can contribute in the team’s victory.
  3. “One point at a time.” You won’t be able to achieve your goal unless you work hard for every single point.
  4. “Trust in your teammates.” It’s a team sport. Together, you will work hand-in-hand to win the game.
  5. “Learn how to work under pressure.” You can’t not perform during crunch time. Remain calm and always focus.

There are a lot of other things that I learned from the court that I was able to apply during those tough times, these are only the ones that made it on the top of my list.

In order to surpass those critical times, it didn’t only require a strong body but a strong mind as well.

And now I can start breathing normally again. I can say that I am happy again. And I promise, I am going to do all the other things that I chose not to do during those times when I was still sorting things out.



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