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Turning a Year Older

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on March 18, 2015

Fun night with my FAVORITES in Prive! Thank you all for celebrating with me! 🙂
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I had an amazing night with everyone! 🙂 But before and after this night I was having my…

Birthday Blues… and I wanna share this story.

Every time I turn a year older, I get all emotional. I like celebrating my birthday with my friends. Some of them even turn it into a reunion because I really like all of the important persons in my life to be there (my family is an exception of course because I have a separate celebration with them). And when people express their regret for not being able to come, I get sad, really sad. I tend to forget that all the others that didn’t respond would be there with me on that special night.

THIS YEAR WAS DIFFERENT. I was so emotional and depressed the entire week. You know how when you turn a year older, it’s that time of the year when you evaluate your life? I reached that point. I was so disappointed on how my life turned out to be.. that I am far from reaching all of my goals. I felt as though I failed my own self that was listing down her goals five to ten years from that time… which is now.

It’s quite scary, you know, being a different person from what you expected. But as days passed, I came to realize that where I am right now is not so bad at all. What went wrong was that I focused on my short-term goals way too much and neglected the fact that my long-term goals are still here, that I am still not far from reaching them. In fact, I am at the right path. I’ve forgotten all the challenges I’ve overcome and all the things I’ve accomplished.

I remember the saying, “it doesn’t matter how long you reach your goal, what’s important is you reach your goal in the end.” And this is an example of that. The length of how you achieve it… all those steps you take going towards your dream. You may be lost at some point but it’s important that you find your way back, you may fail at the attempts you make but make sure you know how to get back up, you may realize that some strategies may never really work but learn how to make a plan b and c. The point is, you’ve got to reach your goal no matter what.

In that one whole week, I felt lost. And I just wanted to be with someone that would listen and show support, not necessarily help me figure out what the problem was. Because sometimes, when you voice out all your emotions, that’s when you understand the core of the problem. That’s when you realize that things aren’t so bad and you start to think that hey, it’s just normal to be lost. And the fact that you get disappointed means you’ve got big dreams that are hard to achieve but you’re stubborn and brave enough to pursue them anyway! 🙂


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