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A Taste of Chelsea Market in NYC: Chelsea Grand Cafe

Posted in Food by Farah Ramos on September 4, 2014

Inspired by Chelsea Market in New York, Chelsea Grand Cafe in Serendra is a haven for people who love to wine and dine in a homey-feel environment. It has been there for eight (8) years now and has been recently renovated and changed its name from Chelsea Market & Cafe. 

Ms. Anabel Wisniewski, president of the Raintree Restaurants, and her family base the concepts of all their restaurants on what they see, feel and taste when they tour around the world. The famous Museum Cafe, Stella, Rocket Room, Mr. Jones, Momo Cafe, Saboten, Terraz and Kabila are all under the umbrella of Raintree Restaurants. 

Of course one important key in choosing a restaurant for a great dining experience would be the ambience. Right outside the Chelsea Grand Market, I instantly got the casual vibe of the place. It’s perfect for friends that want to catch up or business meetings for the yuppies.

You’ll be greeted by these wine bottles upon entering the resto:

See what I mean about the casual vibe of the place?IMG_4919

And of course I had to get down to business. I was starving by the time I got to Serendra, I came from Marikina City and battled with the traffic so I couldn’t wait any longer for the food to be served. 

For refreshments, I had Strawberry Mint Lemonade IMG_4892

For the appetizer, I had Creamy Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl. It was creamy, indeed and stuffed no wonder it’s my mom’s favorite appetizer.IMG_4895

And then the salad: Warm Double Smoked Bacon & Quinoa. You see, I am not a big fan of vegetables so on a normal day, I’d just ignore this one if offered to me. But it looked oh-so-good I just had to give it a try. The vegetables were fresh, the bacon was cooked perfectly, my original plan to just have a taste ended up with me finishing the plate. It was that good!


For the next one, Prawn Gambas (Chorizo-Parsely Butter, Roasted Garlic Confit). Now this one was just irresistible. I am a big shrimp eater, I love prawns and all sorts of seafood so I dug in as soon as it was served. Oh gosh, that was one appetizing dish! The roasted garlic made it extra special. And what even made it perfect was that it wasn’t spicy at all, thank goodness!

Cabernet Braised US Short Ribs, their best-seller! The beef was cooked to perfection! This was for sharing but again the last slice was still mine. Indeed their best-seller didn’t disappoint. IMG_4909

Cacio e Pepe e Uova. To be honest, it was my first time to have this pasta. It looked plain but when I got to finally try it, it was very delicious! I absolutely love cheese and that’s the very reason why I liked this dish. IMG_4910

And of course for dessert, Oven Baked Warm Brownie “Smores” and The Chelsea “Peach Melba.” I have a sweet tooth so I really liked both. But since I was already full by the time these were served, I enjoyed The Chelsea “Peach Melba” more. It was definitely a treat for me!IMG_4916Just to make things clear, all the dishes above are my top picks from all that were served. Maybe I have a pet worm inside my tummy but I didn’t just take a bite, I ate a lot of these! Haha! Every single dish in this post pleased my tastebuds. Personally, a food being served is either good or bad for me, there’s nothing in between. It’s a clear yey or ney! I am no cook so I do not really know the ingredients when I eat something, but I definitely know what satisfies my picky tastebuds!

Thank you so much Aldous for inviting me to try out all these delicious food at the Chelsea Grand Cafe. Also, a big thanks to Ms. Michele Magtoto, Marketing Associate of Raintree Restaurants, for being so accommodating.

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