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My Friend’s “Last Fling Before the Ring” in Hongkong

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on September 3, 2014

Aug 24-27, 2014 — Thina, my volleyball teammate in college, is getting married in December and it is just the perfect excuse for the ladies to pack our stuff and have a quick getaway in Hongkong for her “last fling before the ring!”

Aside from the bridal shower, the trip is also a way for us to take a breather from work. It is high time to walk slowly, appreciate our surroundings, shop a little, savor the taste of our food, laugh a bit louder, have girl talks before going to bed, and dance the night away!

Our arrival in Hongkong was just in time for dinner. We left our luggages at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Mongkok and then headed off the streets to look for a perfect place to eat.

Let me introduce the beautiful ladies I was with during my trip. These are (from left to right) Lady Riva, Dianne Pagtalunan, my college teammates Thina Abando (the bride-to-be) and Sugar Mesina, me, and Angelia Ong.


We didn’t take photos of our dinner but we had A LOT! One order is already for sharing and we didn’t know that so we ended up trying our very best to finish what we ordered. The food was delicious!


The next day, we planned to go to the Window of the World in Shenzhen, ChinaIMG_4813

We reached the borderline of Hongkong and China. But we got the saddest news when we applied for our visa. Filipinos and Americans weren’t allowed to enter their country. Our passports were collected and we were held at the immigration. We waited for about an hour. We attempted to ask why we were held but thanks to the language barrier, they couldn’t explain.


When finally they returned our passports, we walked back to Hongkong (woah, I never thought I’d ever say I walked to Hongkong, haha!) and again, we were asked to wait for half an hour. And then this photo happened. I was the only one frowning, haha!


So anyway, we had to change our itinerary because of the unfortunate thing that happened and so our feet took us to Times Square. And that’s exactly what great company does! Despite the sad thing that occurred, we still managed to have fun! IMG_4816

Touring and shopping at the same time!

All day, we were on our feet. We walked, climbed the stairs, rode the trains, and back to walking again. When we got to the hotel, we were all so exhausted. The jacuzzi was perfect for our sore back and legs. It was such a perfect way to end the night, it was very relaxing.

[Thanks so much, TRIANGL SWIMWEAR for my pair of Winnie Miami Mint swimwear!]

On our third and last day, I spent the afternoon by myself. It’s very therapeutic to just appreciate the beauty of the things around you, and that was what my afternoon was all about. Seeing unfamiliar surroundings and being surrounded by total strangers have a calming effect on me. Getting lost and finding my own way quenches my thirst for adventure, even for just as simple as this one.

At the rooftop of the IFC Mall at the Central, I got to enjoy the wind and this fascinating view. IMG_4839


After my alone time, I decided to walk to Lan Kwai Fong where me and my friends were going to meet for our much-awaited girls’ night out. I asked a passer-by where I could find it, he accompanied me and showed how to get there. Eventually he asked what I was going to do there that early, it was only 5pm. I said I was just going to have dinner while I wait for my friends. He then recommended I go to Soho and again gave me the directions.

To get to SoHo (South of Hollywood), I had to get to the Central – Midlevels escalator, the longest escalator in the world. (The complete system of several escalators runs for 800m and climbs a total of 135 meters, some of the ascents can be very steep. Source: http://gohongkong.about.com/od/whattoseeinhk/a/midlevelsescala.htm) Thanks to Mr. Stranger for directing me to one of Hongkong’s best wining and dining areas.

Finally, I chose La Piazzetta, an Italian restaurant. The owner of the resto approached me and asked where I am from. We chatted a bit, talked about the their best dishes then I eventually decided I’ll have my dinner there. Chef Paolo, the owner, told me that his resto has been there for nineteen (19) years and is the second resto that opened in the district.IMG_4886

Here’s Chef Paulo showing how their “pasta of the day” is being cooked. IMG_4885

With his recommendation, I ordered their best-selling Seafood Marinara and I got a white wine as a compliment. My photo didn’t give justice to the palatability of the dish though but it’s very delicious! It’s actually good for sharing but I finished everything, it was that good!IMG_4869

What a coincidence! Chef Paulo’s step-daughter, Rein, was with my friends at the Sugar Bar in East Hotel.


That night we had wine, some shots at Sugar Bar then after that, we headed to some clubs and danced the night away!


The next day, we flew back to Manila. And the question now is: WHERE IS MY NEXT ADVENTURE GOING TO BE? Hmmmm, I can’t wait either! 🙂


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