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Zambales Trip July 2013

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on July 9, 2013

Been itching to go to the beach! I haven’t left Manila since the year started. Oh boo! So I really made it a point to cancel all my activities last July 5-7. I packed my stuff and went to Iba, Zambales with my college teammates! They were all in pairs — Thina and Con, Lisa and FJ, Sugar and Karlo… even the dogs Scrappy and Rizo! So my partner was Sugar and Karlo’s little boy, Miguel! 😀 It didn’t last long though… Kata and her husband followed with their daughter, Lara. Okkkk, so this little girl stole my partner… haha!

Anyway, we got the beach all to ourselves. It was just our group in the resort where we stayed and no one else! Isn’t that awesome?

I despise going to crowded places. Most of the time, I just like to isolate myself… to ponder. And what’s the best place to do that? Of course, the beach. I am an ideal Piscean and since my sign is a fish, I enjoy the water way too much! I remember lying on the shore. I could feel the waves on my body. It was the most tranquil feeling I’ve ever had.


And of course, it’s also amazing to be with the awesome people in the world! And to me, it has got to be my college teammates! We share a different kind of bond… a real one. We’ve been teammates for almost 10 years and I’m sure we will grow old together! The bond that was built inside the court is undoubtedly special. And to that, we deserve to celebrate every now and then. Here’s one of those celebrations!



The awesome foursome: Thina Abanda, Lisa Costa, Sugar Mesina and I:


The inevitable sun-bathing! And I am now a few shades darker. 🙂




Day 2!



I wonder where the next celebration is going to be… 🙂


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