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Jack TV’s Surviving Caramoan

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on December 28, 2012

September 27 – 30, 2012 — Ten (10) contestants with different personalities were chosen by Jack TV to be part of Surviving Caramoan. Luckily, I was one of those 10, yey!

Surviving Caramoan 1

My adventurous side kicked in once again. I agreed to join a competition where I had to be with total strangers for three (3) days. Even the fact that I wasn’t physically ready for any sports competition wasn’t a hindrance, haha! I just packed my stuff (and we weren’t informed about the entire itinerary so I didn’t know what exactly to bring… I packed whatever I thought I’d need anyway!), went to work then proceeded to Solar Entertainment’s office in Mandaluyong.

Retzel Orquiza was the first contestant that I met. We arrived at the same time… boy was he prepared! He brought a camping bag, haha! I totally didn’t look like I was one of the contestants beside this tall guy. He looked like he really do join competitions like this. I didn’t look like I was part of the said compeition (especially with make-up on since I came from fitting), haha!

At around 6pm, we were off to Bicol! It was a 14-hour bus ride to Sabang. I must say it was the most comfortable bus ride I’ve ever had thanks to LazyBoy!

L-R: Alex Pancho, Randy Vitales, Joseph Avisa, and I

Surviving Caramoan 2

First stop-over in McDonald’s for dinner. L-R: Me, Alex Pancho, Joseph Avisa, and Marlo Naval

Surviving Caramoan 3

Before the 2-hour boat ride to Caramoan. L-R: Joseph Avisa, Randy Vitales, Alex Pancho, Jacqueline Fuentebella, Shane Smith, me, RV Mitra, and Marlo NavalSurviving Caramoan 3 a

The most uncomfy ride! Couldn’t position myself and couldn’t help myself from being jealous for Joseph’s space at the back. He slept like a baby!

Surviving Caramoan 4

GOTA VILLAGE RESORT – where Surviving Caramoan was held.

Surviving Caramoan 10

After the boat ride was a land trip to Gota Village Resort! At last, we thought we could already take a rest but no. We were given 5 minutes to prepare and get the stuff that we’d like to bring to the island.

Surviving Caramoan 5

This photo was shot right before the first challenge!

Surviving Caramoan 6

After this photo, we were on a boat again but still had no idea about what was going to happen. In the middle of the sea, Steve Patrick, the host, announced our first challenge: to swim 200 meters to the next island and find Surviving Caramoan flags. I was doomed. I didn’t know how to swim! :))

Surviving Caramoan 7

I was the first one to jump into the water because I really had to since I don’t have the skills! I competed against a triathlete, swimmers, and other athletic people. All of them could swim. I wasn’t the last to get out of the water but because of the effort I put in, I couldn’t move my legs anymore. I was so darn exhausted to find the Surviving Caramoan flags. Retzel Orquiza won this challenge while Me and Mark Que were eliminated.

The second challenge was the mind game. They had to remember characters. This time RV Mitra won while Jacqueline Fuentebella, Randy Vitales and Alex Pancho were eliminated.

Surviving Caramoan 8

Third challenge: Dig using a paddle, look for 5 rings made up of rope, and shoot in the basket that was tied to their waste. We were the cheerleaders of the remaining five (5): RV Mitra, Marlo Naval, Shane Smith, Retzel Orquiza, and Joseph Avisa. Shane Smith won this challenge, Retzel Orquiza came in second. Twenty (20) minutes later, Joseph Avisa found his 5th ring. RV Mitra and Marlo Naval were eliminated.

L-R: Me, Randy Vitales, Jacqueline Fuentebella, and Jade

Surviving Caramoan 9

Fourth and Final Challenge: Balancing. Retzel Orquiza, Shane Smith, and Joseph Avisa were fighting for P100,000! First one to give up was Retzel Orquiza then Shane Smith. It was Joseph Avisa who brought the cash prize home!

Surviving Caramoan 11

In the interview, I remember saying it’s very important to be prepared when you’re competing and I must admit that I wasn’t. I didn’t have any physical training since the start of the year. No gym, no running, no anything. I do agree with Daddy Alex when he said being one of the ten (10) contestants, going to Caramoan, and CWC were already enough for us. And the best part was meeting the other 9 finalists. It was evident at first that we had different personalities. I never thought I’d build a strong relationship with them. We all joined the competition as strangers and went home as a barkada!

Here’s a photo of the ten (10) finalists of Surviving Caramoan: RV Mitra (businessman), Farah Ramos, Mark Que (student), Alex Pancho (father), Randy Vitales (Marketing Officer), Shane Smith (military trainee and model), Jacqueline Fuentebella (travel agent), Joseph Avisa (HP Manager), Retzel Orquiza (triathlete), and Marlo Naval (DJ)

Surviving Caramoan 12

Surviving Caramoan 13

BONDING with the finalists, medical team, Jack TV staff and crew!

Surviving Caramoan 14

Surviving Caramoan 15

Waiting for the van… we were off to Camsur Watersports Complex for the awarding ceremonies! Whoohooo!

Surviving Caramoan 16

Day 2: Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC)

Surviving Caramoan 17



Dinner and Awarding Ceremony:


The winner with his big, fat cheque!


Thank you Jack TV, Sun Cellular, and Swish!

Swish and Sun Cellular


After-party at Happy Ending where Retzel was the only one who had a happy ending, LOL! :))


Hayyyy, bye Bicol! Thanks for the once-in-a-lifetime experience!Bye


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