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Petrol PHilippines: Greased Tonight

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on December 12, 2012

PETROL PHILIPPINES dominated 7th High last December 7 and 8! It all started with a fashion show where I was one of the models followed by a flash mob dance.

Day 1

Day 1 a

What’s a party without free booze? We, the models, facilitated some drinking games for the brave ones! We gathered 14 contestants for “Spinners” where one starts the game by flicking a coin. The next person should either stop the coin from spinning by capturing it with the tip of his/ her index finger or hit the coin with his/ her finger so it continues spinning. Whoever causes the coin to stop spinning or go off the table drinks a shot of Bacardi. 

It was so much fun watching these competitive men who were so serious about the game… and it was so funny to see the other group where two (2) gentlemen didn’t understand the mechanics at first so they ended up waiting for their turn to drink. They almost emptied the bottle!

Day 1

Day 1 b

On the second and last day of the Greased Tonight event, it started off with a fashion show and flash mob dance once again. 🙂
Day 2 f

Day 2 d

Day 2 c

And what did we do to get the people drunk? Beer chug! We went around looking for thirsty males and females and ended up on the ledge!

Day 2 b

Day 2 a

Day 2

Day 2 e
Grabbed photos from Migotilyo Manila and Petrol PH‘s Facebook page.

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