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I SURVIVED! The Survivor Experience.

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on September 17, 2012

After today’s go-see’s, me and my friends went to Mall of Asia and we spotted the booth of Surviving Caramoan‘s elimination round. Ten (10) contestants will be chosen to be part of “Surviving Caramoan!” I was in the mood for some adventure! But was I…

prepared? No, I was so unprepared! I was wearing jeans and leather boots! And did I mention I came from a go-see? So I still had make-up on! But all these didn’t stop me. Not even the fact that the last time I got involved in a physical activity (gym, running, etc.) was in January of this year. My friends went with me to Burger King to load up. When I was a bit energized, we returned and I registered.


A photo of me right after the last challenge! I outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed! 🙂

So what were the challenges I had to go through?

FIRST CHALLENGE: Jungle Jumble. The Survivor Logo Puzzle – my least favorite challenge.

SECOND CHALLENGE: Crate Transfer. My first strategy was to lift 2 boxes at a time because I thought they were light. When I found out they were heavy, I had no other choice but to transfer them one by one… I just had to run fast (in my… can you believe it? Leather boots! LOL!) There were eight (8) crates and I had a difficulty lifting them. I dropped the last one before the end line, had to pick it up again and carry to the other side. After this challenge, my arms were already shaking.

THIRD CHALLENGE: Truck Wheel Lift. For the males, they had to lift the truck wheel for I think 5 minutes whereas for the females, we had to flip it five (5) times. My strategy this time was to finish as fast as I could. The slower I do it, the harder it will be. I didn’t wanna prolong the agony, LOL! My friends were amazed by how fast I did this.

FOURTH CHALLENGE: Ball Balance. After all the heavy lifting, my arms were shaking. And for this challenge, I had to balance three (3) balls with a circular-shaped thingy with flat surface. The balancing should last for five (5) minutes, if I remember it right.

FIFTH CHALLENGE: Gory Grubs. What’s Survivor without the exotic food – eating challenge right? For this one, I had to eat worms, pig’s eyes, and one more that I didn’t even dare ask what it was. I had to eat and swallow everything that was in the plate for one (1) minute. It was then when I realized you wouldn’t even think of how disgusting it was to eat all of those when you’re pressed for time. It was my last challenge and I didn’t want to give up. I finished my delicious meal in 50 seconds. Yummy! LOL!

I wish I was prepared… I could’ve done the challenges better and faster. It would be a whole lot easier if I was wearing proper outfit – shirt, shorts, and rubber shoes! But what the heck? If I finished all the challenges this afternoon, I think I can SURVIVE their REAL challenges! 😀


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