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I SURVIVED! The Survivor Experience.

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on September 17, 2012

After today’s go-see’s, me and my friends went to Mall of Asia and we spotted the booth of Surviving Caramoan‘s elimination round. Ten (10) contestants will be chosen to be part of “Surviving Caramoan!” I was in the mood for some adventure! But was I…

prepared? No, I was so unprepared! I was wearing jeans and leather boots! And did I mention I came from a go-see? So I still had make-up on! But all these didn’t stop me. Not even the fact that the last time I got involved in a physical activity (gym, running, etc.) was in January of this year. My friends went with me to Burger King to load up. When I was a bit energized, we returned and I registered.


A photo of me right after the last challenge! I outwitted, outlasted, and outplayed! 🙂

So what were the challenges I had to go through?

FIRST CHALLENGE: Jungle Jumble. The Survivor Logo Puzzle – my least favorite challenge.

SECOND CHALLENGE: Crate Transfer. My first strategy was to lift 2 boxes at a time because I thought they were light. When I found out they were heavy, I had no other choice but to transfer them one by one… I just had to run fast (in my… can you believe it? Leather boots! LOL!) There were eight (8) crates and I had a difficulty lifting them. I dropped the last one before the end line, had to pick it up again and carry to the other side. After this challenge, my arms were already shaking.

THIRD CHALLENGE: Truck Wheel Lift. For the males, they had to lift the truck wheel for I think 5 minutes whereas for the females, we had to flip it five (5) times. My strategy this time was to finish as fast as I could. The slower I do it, the harder it will be. I didn’t wanna prolong the agony, LOL! My friends were amazed by how fast I did this.

FOURTH CHALLENGE: Ball Balance. After all the heavy lifting, my arms were shaking. And for this challenge, I had to balance three (3) balls with a circular-shaped thingy with flat surface. The balancing should last for five (5) minutes, if I remember it right.

FIFTH CHALLENGE: Gory Grubs. What’s Survivor without the exotic food – eating challenge right? For this one, I had to eat worms, pig’s eyes, and one more that I didn’t even dare ask what it was. I had to eat and swallow everything that was in the plate for one (1) minute. It was then when I realized you wouldn’t even think of how disgusting it was to eat all of those when you’re pressed for time. It was my last challenge and I didn’t want to give up. I finished my delicious meal in 50 seconds. Yummy! LOL!

I wish I was prepared… I could’ve done the challenges better and faster. It would be a whole lot easier if I was wearing proper outfit – shirt, shorts, and rubber shoes! But what the heck? If I finished all the challenges this afternoon, I think I can SURVIVE their REAL challenges! 😀


Fifty Shades Trilogy Courtesy of LAZADA PHILIPPINES!

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on September 14, 2012

I’ve been looking for an online bookstore. Yes, I am a book-lover. Just a few minutes ago, I received a package from LAZADA PHILIPPINES! What a surprise! I finally got a copy of Fifty Shades thanks so much to Liam Mendoza of Lazada Philippines. You don’t know how happy I am right now!

Lazada Philippines ships books, gadgets (phones, accessories, etc), home appliances, beauty products, jewelries, and apparel. For more info, you may:

Go to their website: http://www.lazada.com.ph/

Like them on Facebook: Lazada Philippines

Follow them on Twitter: @LazadaPH

PETROL Launches in the Philippines!

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on September 14, 2012

PETROL, a California-based denim brand, was introduced here in the Philippines last September 10 at the SMX. They call it “The Raw Empowerment Revolution” wherein stained denim and tattered jeans were clearly making a statement as models walk down the runway.

Model: Suzzie Stefanowitz at Black & White

Model: Jessie Hollman at Black & White

Model: Peter Dy at Yeoh Models

Model: Lance Howard at Mercator

Male Model: Jessie Hollman at Black & White

Model: Kate Bautista at Yeoh Models

Model: Jessica Yang at Mercator

It was my first time to see a 3D fashion show. There were videos shown as transition from one collection to the next. Everything was brilliantly made!

And what’s the indication of a successful event? It’s definitely the guests… the VIP guests at the event. I saw the famous personalities in the industry. I spotted Tessa Prieto, Phoemela Baranda, Divine Lee, and Raymond Gutierrez among others. Not only that, the entire place was packed with guests waiting for the unveiling of Petrol’s first collection here in the country.

Photo credits: Style Bible and Paul Cortes

Jakarta Wedding Festival 2012 videos (backstage and shows)

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on September 9, 2012

An experience that I will never forget… being a bride at the Jakarta Wedding Festival 2012 for 8 times!



Thanks so much to Dendi Oktariadi of Fame Managament, Indonesia.

Fashion Institute of the Philippines Graduation Show 2012

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on September 5, 2012

Fashion Institute of the Philippines paved way to the birth of a new batch of designers as they graduate last August 30, 2012 at Resorts World. Thirty-three (33) new designers showcased four (4) pieces each. I was so privileged to model for Gem Velasco, Aya Ayalin, Jon Maderazo, and Marian Zara Madayag.

GEM VELASCO – She calls it Transfiguration (Autumny Effect), we all felt like equestriennes with the coolest pairs of 8-inch-platforms.

AYA AYALIN – Have you heard someone say “Those clothes are photogenic!” ? This is the perfect collection where you could utter those words. They come alive in photos and that’s very important in photos and videos. I can see these pieces on TV or in print.

JON MADERAZO – He said I look like a “Diva” that’s why he chose this piece for me. Hope I get to see a photo with the most interesting details of this creation… the uber high slit and the gold underwear. The fabric flows beautifully when I walked, that’s when the gold underwear can be seen. Sexy yet classy.

MARIAN ZARA MADAYAG – A Piet Mondrian – inspired creation. Marian even accentuated her collection with lego accessories. She’s a designer to watch out for!

Models from L-R: Khamae Sore, Farah Ramos, Jastine Ilagan, and Kristine Montes at Yeoh Models

Photos: Paul Cortes, Diego Lee, and Al Destacamento