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Backstage Pass: Jakarta Wedding Festival 2012

Posted in Adventures, Modeling World by Farah Ramos on August 21, 2012

Jakarta Wedding Festival 2012 – where I saw beautiful wedding booths, wore amazing gowns, and worked with cantik and nice people!

This is one of the highlights of my Jakarta trip. I did three (3) shows for Phangsanny, Kebaya (traditional Muslim wedding gowns), and Julia Sposa.

On my first day there, I would never ever forget wearing a shirt, shorts, and sandals (my typical outfit) only to find out that Jakarta Convention Center blasts their air-condition as soon as they open (even during ingress and rehearsals). I was 30 minutes early, there wasn’t any models or members of the production team when I got there. When they arrived, they were all wearing thick clothing. By the time we were rehearsing, my nails were already violet, no kidding! It was thaaaaat cold! Haha! Anyway….

Since I was there by myself, I checked out the booths. I was really amazed! They really put effort and money in putting up those booths! They really made it a point to take whoever is looking at it to the actual place – their booths were alive, they were the exact copy (or representation?) of the real thing. I grabbed some photos from Weddingku.com‘s Facebook. Feast your eyes!

Imagine your wedding’s reception looking like this…

or this…

or if this one suits your taste…

For lasting memories, of course it is but important to choose the best photographers and know how they present or capture photos…

Your wedding is an important occasion and it is best to choose the best souvenir your guests will bring with them…

And more options for wedding organizers…

and more…


Indonesia (both the country and the people) was really nice to me. People kept telling me I look Javanese or Indonesian. I found it cool and that’s the very reason why I got motivated to learn some Bahasa! Anyhow, on my first show for Phangsanny, I was with Flavia (Brazilian) and Tatiana (Russian):

This is my designer Phangsanny. And oh, look at that beautiful bag she designed!

On my second day, I was with Indonesians in one show for the Kebaya designs and mixed nationalities on the other. Fita (on the left) was pretty uncomfortable with her English but spoke to me nonetheless. She’s really sweet and friendly! I only met Lita this day but we hit it off instantly. They were really amazing! Cantik (beautiful) and nice!

Here are the Indonesians! 🙂  I love them! They were very nice to me and very helpful… gave me tips on how to wear traditional Muslim wedding gowns. Since these are traditional clothing, there are proper ways on how to wear them.

A real Indonesian with a trying-to-be! LOL!

For Julia Sposa. Too bad I didn’t take pictures with Julia. She looked 16 with her bright yellow dress that day. Her gowns were humungous! I can’t wait to see them!

And Sussy, Fame agency’s energetic and funny booker!

Terima kasih especially to Dendi Oktariadi of Fame! I already miss Indonesia because of the beautiful people I’ve met! Hope to see you again soon!


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  1. Sabrina Juliancy said, on April 11, 2013 at 6:34 am

    Thank you for the nice piece of writing. keep up the good work! =D

    • Farah Ramos said, on April 22, 2013 at 5:30 pm

      Thanks Sabrina! 🙂 I really did enjoy checking out the different booths at the JKT Wedding Festival. 🙂 Really really amazing! 🙂

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