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Halo, Bandung!

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on August 16, 2012

BANDUNG is the largest city in West Java province in Indonesia.  It is the home of outlet stores so Jem and I made it a point to include this visit in my itinerary!

After the almost 3-hour land trip from Jakarta, we were already starving. Our first stop was Paris Van Java where we dined at a Japanese resto called Zenbu.

The Tendon looks so delish!

It was time to tour around Paris Van Java after eating!

Again, we spotted “Talaga,” a famous local restaurant. Talaga is named after Lake of Talaga. It was amusing since “talaga” is also a Tagalog word which means “really” or to affirm:

Me, walking around… checking out the stores:

Mayasari Oleh Oleh Bandung. “Oleh oleh” is souvenir:

This ad caught our attention:

Spotted a cute goat:

After hours of walking, we went to Kopi Lay to rest for a while we got fascinated with the interior:

Choclat bun and ES lemon te:

Jem and I, the tired tourists, haha!

 To complete our whole Bandung experience, we went to Cihampelas Walk. It’s their version of Baguio… colder than the other cities in the country and pine trees all over. And we didn’t get to take pictures (so I lifted the photo below from the Internet) because we did some serious window shopping and real shopping! 🙂

Terimah kasih, Andre for bringing us to Bandung!


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