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JAKARTA at Night!

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on August 9, 2012

It was Ramadan when I went to Jakarta so bars and clubs were already closed at 12midnight… 1am max.

Wanna know some places to go to for a fun night-out in Jakarta? Here you go…

Publo is a Spanish-inspired bistro bar located in Kemang (right across McDonald’s). Jem and I went there twice because of the very funny and entertaining Dewi (the owner of the bistro bar). Publo serves a delicious variety of foods. My favorite is the Tiger Prawns with Bacon Jacket, sooooo yummy. For dessert, I love the rainbow cakes and red velvet cupcakes, sooooo delish!

They had acoustic nights on those two times we were there. Those were Wednesday and Thursday. Jem and I requested a song and indicated that it was from us, from the Philippines! We were surprised when, all of a sudden, the percussionist spoke in Tagalog. Later we found out that he’s half Indonesian, half Pinoy. We were so in the mood to speak in Tagalog that night since we were already having a headache due to the lack of Bahasa-speaking skills. Not only that people kept speaking in Bahasa in front of us, there were also some Japanese that we met whom we tried speaking with in Nihonggo. Imagine the headache! Look at our genuine smiles with our fellow Pinoy, Marko of Mike’s Apartment:

A few days before my flight back home, Jem and I went to Fable. The place was almost full of kiddos when we went there so Jem and I decided to just dance the night away and forget about the crowd!

It was Krystyna and Jem at Fable on the first part of the video because I was a loser that night, I decided to stay in. Towards the end though, you’ll see me and Jem dancing at the same place:

Fable from Farah Ramos on Vimeo.

On my first night-out in Jakarta, Jem and Krystyna took me to Skye. Just like our Skye Lounge in Makati, Skye in Jakarta also has an amazing view of the city but unlike it, the one in Jakarta is way smaller. Here’s a photo of Jem and Krystyna while I was chatting with some new-found friends inside:

And of course, after a long tiring night, I was starving! Our new friend, Adrian, took us to Menteng. It was one of the best places I’ve been to in Jakarta because we got to the try the street food! Watch out for my next post about these CRAZY and DELICIOUS foods!


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