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Jakarta, Indonesia (Day 2 – Visit to the Cathedral and meeting our “Ketut”)

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on July 25, 2012

Sunday, 22 July 2012 – Jem and I decided to head to the cathedral in Monas after our trip to the National Museum. This is what welcomed us when we went down the taksi (taxi).

Too bad the doors were already closed. We won’t be able to go inside and pray.

So Jem and I went to the area were you could light candles. That was where we prayed… until an old man approached us and asked if we wanted to go inside the cathedral. Of course we did! So he got the keys and toured us inside. Unfortunately, all the good photos are in Jem’s camera since I was only using my iTouch.

It’s really beautiful inside thanks to the architect of the cathedral, Marius Hulswit from Holland.

Here are some photos taken by Jem inside the cathedral:


After the tour and praying, our new friend named Soenario Sofian offered us a ride going wherever we intended to go. As always, I was hungry. He ,together with his pal Benny took us to a famous Chinese restaurant for their noodles at Passar Baru.

“S-tee,” is a brand of iced tea. Photos on the left are the meatballs, soup, and noodles. It tasted great!

Here’s our photo with our “Ketut” in Jakarta, Soenario. We met him at the cathedral, took us to Passar Baru for some noodles, and after that we went to Central Park where we had window shopping and dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

Here’s a photo with the annoying Benny in front of his car.

Jem and I were so tired after our tour today. We’re very grateful for having a chance to meet our “Ketut.” He helped us without asking for anything in return. It was pure and genuine kindness and generosity. He even offered to give us a ride to Bandung but we decided not to push through with it because it’s already too much. But we hope we’d get to treat Soenario one of these days to return the favor.

End of Day 2.


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