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Estrellas Manila at the SuperSale Bazaar

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on July 13, 2012

Sakayume Collection to be unveiled at the SuperSale Bazaar

Photography: Henry Anima II
HMUA: Engie Allarey Mulingbayan
Model: Farah Ramos
Corset by: Lizle Hilario
Many thanks to: Pen Mulingbayan & Hossy Yamamoto

See YOU tomorrow, July 13-15 from 10am-9pm Booth I12 at the World Trade Center! Hurry to avail FREE TICKETS:http://www.dealdozen.com/deals/366/get-free-entrance-tickets-to-the-supersale-bazaar-wtc ♥

Here’s the entire photo:


I just have to say… I love the custom-made corset! It really sexy-fies anyone who would wear it! Who doesn’t want to have that curvaceous bod? And the necklace? It’s is to die for!

… and hands down to the photography skills of Henry Anima II!


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