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Spotlight Saturdays: Japoy Lizardo’s Birthday Celebration at Archipelago (IL Terrazzo, Tomas Morato)

Posted in Archipelago 7107 by Farah Ramos on June 12, 2012

Philippine Taekwondo icon Japoy Lizardo celebrated his birthday at Archipelago (Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato) last Saturday, June 9!

Here are some snaps from the party (grabbed from Chie de Leon and Lu-Ann Villanueva):

We were all too hungry at 3am so we all ended up having an early breakfast!

ARCHIPELAGO would like to thank JAPOY LIZARDO for celebrating his birthday on a Spotlight Saturday!



Acoustic night + Jamming sessions

*HAPPY HOUR 9-10pm*
*Buy 1 take 1 on cocktails*
*1 bottle of Johnnie Walker (Black) – free salpicao*
*Shooter of the Day – mixed by our sexy bartender*

Call or text Farah Ramos at 09152954947 for inquiries and table reservations.


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