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Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on June 4, 2012

Series of unfortunate events happened last May 31. From work down to the photo shoot…

  • Work was totally stressful
  • Picked up Kimmeth Nicolas (the photographer). From Ortigas, we drove to EDSA going to Tierra Pura. It took us three (3) long hours to finally get to our destination.
  • Traffic was terrible and the fact that I’m driving a manual car even made it worse!

The make-up artist and hairstylist arrived an hour after. Had my make-up and hair done. Everything was ready, I changed into the clothes that the stylist gave me. Two (2) test shots then boom! The camera was busted!

All good though, Hannah (the stylist’s daughter), kept me entertained. She’s such a darling. So the waiting hours wasn’t dreadful! I actually enjoyed it! Here are some snaps during the “tengga” moments:

Photo with the cute Hannah:

Hannah asked me to wear these heel-less heels, lol! She was acting like a stylist: 

Found this red BMW car at the garage! I want to drive one!!!! :

The theater room:

Photos were edited using Instagram and Retrogram. I love these moments because these are the only times I get to smile! 🙂


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