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May 26. Spotlight Saturdays’ Launch at Archipelago 7107 in IL TERRAZZO, Tomas Morato

Posted in Archipelago 7107 by Farah Ramos on June 3, 2012

Archipelago 7107’s SPOTLIGHT SATURDAYS was launched last May 26. 

…a week late! I know, it was my fault that I didn’t bring a camera! I got these photos from DQ Acoustic‘s page on Facebook. I really thought I wouldn’t have souvenir shots from this amazing launch! I owe it to the band’s awesome manager, Bien Rivera, of Black Tie Entertainment. Thanks so much, Bien!

It’s an ACOUSTIC NIGHT every Saturday at Archipelago 7107 in IL Terrazzo, Tomas Morato. Acoustic listeners and frustrated singers are invited to this event! Everyone has the chance to jam with the band and be on the spotlight!

A very successful launch, the place was FULL HOUSE! And everyone wanted to be on the spotlight! Here are some photos from the event:


Yours truly with beautiful Jem Austria and Mark Calimlim (DQ Acoustic’s lead vocalist):

Jammer: Gino Verona

Bon Voyage and good luck shot for Jem Austria! She left this morning for a 3-month modeling contract in Indonesia, so happy for you, Jem! See you there in July!

Jem Austria, jamming with DQ Acoustic:

People actually liked her voice, I really thought someone was gonna offer her a recording contract! Haha!

Who’s the mic-hugger? Haha! Another song with Gino Verona:


Thank you for coming to SPOTLIGHT SATURDAYS at Archipelago 7107! See you there every Saturday!

For table reservations, you may call or text at 0915-2954947 or email farahramos@gmail.com


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