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8 Days in Bangkok, Thailand

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on March 5, 2012

Feb. 21 – Feb. 29, 2012

I have to admit… my 8 days in Bangkok has got to be the most interesting adventure I’ve had in my life! I got a tiny glimpse of how to be an independent traveller. Most of the time I was with my best friend, Gino Verona, but a more significant part of it was me… exploring the city alone.

Here’s the VIDEO BLOG that Gino did! The white thing on my face is i-White! Part of my rituals before going to bed is to put some on my face. Anyway, hope you enjoy watching the video!

“Thighland” -Farah Ramos from Ralph Gino Verona on Vimeo.

…why THIGHLAND? I keep pronouncing “Thai” as “thigh.” Haha! 😛


Gonna get another stamp, yey!

FARAH and GINO ready to EXPLORE Thailand!

Went to GRAMMY’S PLACE in SUKHUMVIT on my first day in BKK!

Thai MRT – with TVCs playing.


MILK TEA ICE CREAM! Sooooo yummy! A must-try!


…while waiting for my high school friend, Hannah Landan, I went around Siam Paragon. I chanced upon MAC’s shopping-themed in-store display. The idea is that you can get all made-up by their make-up artist and take photos around the area. Of course, I won’t just pass by… I had to take photos inside! 😀 It’s like shopping a whole bunch of MAC cosmetics! (oh, I wore the neon top I bought in Khao San road! I was on tourist mode, haha!)

ROXY in-store display. So cute!

This one! I just love the statement. And yeah, exactly what I wanna tell YOU.

A photo with the beautiful Hannah Landan:

Monday night in BKK. Went to meet a new friend in PHAHOLYOTHIN. We went to a pub to have a few drinks with other friends – Thai, Spanish, and Americans. But before that, I had dinner by myself at KUM POON. I ordered Stir-fried Rice with Salted Egg, Roasted Chili & Fried Shrimps and of course Thai Iced Tea. It was delicious so I had to order an extra rice.

Last day in BKK, Thailand. Gino and I decided to dine at REFLECTIONS — a Thai restaurant located at TERMINAL 21. Terminal 21 is an airport-themed mall.

FARRENT FARRENT – where I bought my birthday heels! I met the owner of the store and took a photo of her. She’s the nicest! Her business partner designs the shoes, awesome right? And the prices are reasonable — 1,000 baht for designer shoes? Not bad!

For the last time (just for this trip) in SIAM PARAGON.

Interesting BITS based on my experience:

✓ I look like Thai people.

✓ Traffic is crazy but Thai people are respectful enough not to over-take.

✓ You can go shopping EVERYWHERE — at the sidewalk, malls, etc. And it’s cheap!

✓ Be ready to walk everywhere! It is hot in Thailand but it is bearable (in my personal opinion).

✓ Lady boys are everywhere. And they look good!

✓ MRTs can be jam-packed but people don’t cut in line, and they patiently wait for their turn.

I have to go back to Thailand because…

I haven’t seen the ELEPHANTS.

I haven’t seen a MUAY THAI FIGHT.

I want to go to Chiang Mai and Phuket.

More shopping!!!

So yeah, where’s the NEXT STATION?


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  1. ronald said, on March 5, 2012 at 6:07 am

    nice trip to thailand farah and also nice pictures very lovely and beautiful

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