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My Collection of Works: Mega Young Designers Competition 2012

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on February 12, 2012

Today at 10am, ETC Channel airs the last challenge of Mega Young Designers Competition 2012. The 6 remaining designers – Oz Go, Renan Pecson, Ched Dalagoag, Kirby Cruz, Mara Chua, and Robin Gundran –  are now preparing their collections for the finale on February 16 at the NBC Tent.

I just would like to share the collection of works I did for the competition:

First Challenge: Get an inspiration from their childhood

My Designer: Oz Go

Oz Go’s Inspiration: Comic Books

Second Challenge: Trend Forecast

My Designer: Geoff Zordilla

I love the poncho!

Third Challenge: Global Warming

My Designer: Oz Go 

Oz presented a complete package – top, skirt, jacket, customized shoes, glasses

For this challenge, Oz made it to the TOP 3.

Fourth Challenge: Pastels

My Designer: Oz Go

Pastel Green Team’s inspiration: Injured aquatic athletes

Me and the other two models looked like fishes with the green stockings covering our faces with the sequins on our lips and cheeks. Although Raya Mananquil reiterated that she couldn’t seem to like the slimy green shade, Avel Bacudio and Ms. Sari Yap liked the details. And despite the slimy green color, she still liked the technique that Oz put into this creation especially the embossed illusion it shows.

Again, Oz made it to the Top 3.

Fifth Challenge: Gown

My Designer: Oz Go

I was really in awe when I first saw this gown. All the details were all well-thought off. The details showed how much of a brilliant designer Oz is. And his vision really came into life. The sketch he made looked exactly the same as the actual evening gown he made.

Again, Oz made it to the Top 3!!!

Up next would be the Mega Young Designers Competition GRAND FINALE 2012 at the NBC Tent on February 16, 2012. Goodluck designers!


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