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Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on January 15, 2012

Mega Young Designers Competition 2012 3rd Challenge: GLOBAL WARMING. The challenge was to come up with an outfit that can be worn during sunny and rainy seasons. For the second time around, I was the model of Oz Go.

Here are some Instagram snaps taken during the shoot.

It’s a 3-piece design. It has a (1) raincoat – for rainy days, (2) the collared sleeveless top, and (3) the skirt. Meryll Yan said she was confused with the three different concepts but Sari Yap defended Oz’s creation. I agree that he showed brilliance in making these three different looks work together.

As a result, the top 3 designers were: Oz, Renan Jay Pacson, and Erica Panlilio.

The melted eyewear and Lady Gaga – inspired booties even added spice to this look. It took him 4 days to sew all the gems into the stockings which is wrapped around the booties. Every detail counts, indeed!

A lil TRIVIA: The talented young designer Oz Go is singer Rachelle Ann Go’s brother. Interesting sibs! They’re both making a name of their own in their chosen industries – Fashion and Entertainment respectively.

And oh! My friend Charlene Velas took a screen shot while watching the show on TV. Thanks, Chau! You’re so cute!


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