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Annual Outreach Program

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on January 7, 2012

December 23, 2011 at the NCE Hall in Commonwealth

It is part of our group’s goal to EXTEND A HELPING HAND to our less-privileged brothers and sisters. This tradition started last year. This year, we thought of organizing a Christmas party to 30 families from Payatas. Although more than half of the group weren’t able to join us physically, everyone contributed.

Me, Angelia Ong, Thina Abando, Maze Sandoval, Mark Duma, Royce Salen, and Lalaine Odal:

The food:

Prizes from different sponsors – Vans, Toby’s, the rest came from the cash we collected from KSP and our generous friends:

Noche Buena package which consists of rice, canned goods, noodles, etc.:


At first, the kids and moms were still shy so we had to encourage them to join.

Game 1: Longest Line

Jhenn Olivar and David Ewing joined us as we give them their prizes and food:

Prizes: Bags from Toby’s

Game 2: Stop Dance with a Funny Face

These two were the cutest! They had the funniest faces!

Game 3: Bring Me

Game 4: Pass the Message

Of course we also had a game for the moms!

Game 5: Face Dance

Starting off with the demo:

Lola joined the fun!

Nanay tried the face dance! So sooooo cute!

We gave them prizes from Vans and Toby’s:


After lunch, we had a raffle:

Game 6: Christmas Art

Volunteers were divided into four groups. They had to come up with a Christmas Artwork that shows their answer for this question: “What does Christmas mean to you?”

We were touched with their answers.

Christmas is a time to share your blessings. It is the time when Jesus Christ was born. We celebrate it to remind ourselves to be selfless.

Before we end the program, the kids rendered some Christmas songs for us as their way of saying Thank You. Such a sweet gesture.

Seeing the smile on the faces of these families is priceless.

We’d like to thank those who made this Outreach Program possible:

KSP Members: Thina Abando, Mark Duma, Lalaine Odal, Angelia Ong, Royce Salen, Jian Alvarez, Dos Alvarez and family, Victor Claridad, Vincent and Japoy Lizardo, Maze Sandoval, Denise Rodriguez, Darlene Sasan, Michael Lastimosa, Diane Pagtalunan, Vans Philippines, Toby’s, Jhenn Olivar, David Ewing, Chris Roxas of XXXS Designs, Moonleaf Tea Shop Don Antonio Branch, Gino Verona, Charlene Velas, Jodilly Pendre, Maynilad, and Lo’ren Pen


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