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New Year’s Eve at the Familia de Ramos Residence

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on January 5, 2012

Nothing beats spending New Year’s Eve with the family. I got several invitations from friends to spend it with them at a club, hotel, or in Boracay. But Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of the many holidays that my family loves to celebrate together.

Yes, my family is a typical Pinoy, very superstitious. Almost all of us wore POLA DOTS. Here’s my outfit:

After hearing mass, we all gathered at our house. We were all ready to dig in! We took this photo immediately because we couldn’t wait any longer… we were all starving and tempted to eat the SHRIMPS and SPAGHETTI! Yummy!!!

After dinner, the ladies went to the rooftop to set-up the sound system, laptop, iPad, and TV while the gentlemen proceeded downstairs to prepare the fireworks. It was a crazy New Year’s Eve!


Pinoys are very superstitious, so here are some of the things we didn’t forget to do:


2. Jump when the clock strikes 12 (to get taller)

3. Loud noise and firecrackers to drive the bad spirit away

4. Prepare round foods


Since I was pretty addicted to Video Star, we created an MTV with some of my cousins during New Year’s Eve. Here it goes:



Starring: Farah Ramos, Yen Llanes, Fatima Ramos, Leon Llanes, Cyril Coloma

Featuring: Chesca Servillon

with the special participation of: Chit Ramos, Len Llanes, and Rachelle Llanes

Untitled from yhenne on Vimeo.


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