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Goal and Strategies: Match My Current Age To The Countries I’ve Visited

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on December 1, 2011
I am truly inspired after reading Patty Laurel’s blog: http://dapattylaurel.blogspot.com, thanks to Ms. Charlene Velas for sharing this blogsite with me. I’ve always wanted to travel but unfortunately, I’ve been giving myself such stupid excuses such as I don’t have the time and money to do it every so often.
So now I’d like to copy Patty Laurel’s goal: To match my current age to the countries I’ve visited. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve only been to two (2). In short, I am still a baby. I have twenty-two (22) more years to cover – twenty-two (22) more countries to go! What a loser! But hey, why set an easy challenge right?
I’m now at my PLANNING STAGE. It is easier to travel to Asian countries so I’m gonna start off my journey with my neighboring countries. Out of all, I choose to explore and fly to the following in 2012:


I should go to at least two (2) among those mentioned above. One on the first half of the year and one on the last half.

Now that I’ve set the goal, I should also come up with strategies on how to achieve these goals:

1. LESS SHOPPING. Ooooh, difficult one. This means I won’t have a lot of new shoes, bags, accessories, clothes, etc. in 2012. If I’m gonna go shopping, it has got to be in the country or countries that I’m gonna visit.

-Maximum of one (1) day shopping per month

2. PARTY LESS. Sorry my dearest friends, but I hope you’ll understand me on this. I need to cut back on expenses in order to achieve this goal of mine.

-Maximum of one (1) night-out with friends per month

3. GO FOR CHEAP MEALS. No more pigging out in expensive restos. I hope my officemates get to read this one. LOL! There’s a cafeteria in Tektite (the building where I work) that has different food choices with budget meals. This is where I’m gonna be everyday starting tomorrow. (Or if I get extra “kuripot,” I’m gonna bring “baon.” I really don’t care what other people thinks.)

4. STICK TO MY DAILY BUDGET. My friends named this “Farah’s Daily Budget.” I came up with this plan a year ago. The whole point is to stick with it so I’d be able to reward myself at the end of the week or month with a new pair of heels or whatever I feel like buying. I have to bring this back and really stick to it.

5. WAKE UP AT 6AM, LEAVE AT 7AM. I should stop bringing the car in the office. I discovered a cheap way to go to the office and back in the house — take an FX. Whereas if I bring the car, I’d have to pay for diesel and the parking fee. If I leave at 8am, I wouldn’t have a choice but to take a cab which means a P200 transpo fee going to the office + P45 shuttle fare on my way back home + P16 tricycle fare.

With these 5 Easy Steps, I know my goal will turn into a reality. I just need to live a simple life and be less “maarte.” Every peso counts. 😀

It’s going to be worth it! I know this is not going to be possible without travel buddies… so who’s with me?


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