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Ivan and Noelle’s Wedding at Fernbrook Gardens

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on November 26, 2011

After 8 long years, Ivan and Noelle finally got married! I’ve known these two (2) since the Bobson days — that was seven (7) years ago.

I met Ivan at the Bobson series of Fashion Shows together with Arthur Solinap, Clint Albert, Jaylyn, Diquiatco, Jaymie Page, Alex Page, Yra Cruz, and Rhea Nakpil. Ate Tetchie Dimanahan worked for Bobson and we all got along with her. Ivan would bring Noelle and eventually became part of the big group.

We all witnessed the love story of this lovely couple. They always look so good together, they even look like twins. The announcement of the wedding has been something that we’ve always looked forward to. We knew they would end up getting married.

The much awaited event happened — THE WEDDING at Fernbrook Gardens in Portofino New Alabang.

“Boy meets girl.” 🙂

The Wedding Gown:

The dashing bride, Noelle Samson:

Walking down the aisle:

The cutest couple ever:

The Kiss:

Snaps at the photobooth:

The group shot: Tetchie Dimanahan, Iya Lavides,  Jaylyn Diquiatco, Marco, Rochelle Pangilinan, Arthur Solinap, and I.

On the red carpet: Jaylyn and I:

With the couple:

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Siy. I wish you all the best!


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