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Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on March 25, 2011

It was an old Filipino house back in the Spanish Era. I could almost hear the footsteps of the horses and the sound of the carriage wheels. I felt like Jose Rizal would show up anytime.

It’s also the typical old house… huge dining table, huge and long stairs, and a HUGE mirror. It was almost 4pm when we started with the hair & makeup, it was raining so the sun wasn’t shining. Inside, it was almost impossible for us to have an ample light for Sam Santos to be able to see his creation. All of a sudden, there was silence. We stopped talking…. and then he told me: I thought someone was crying. IT WAS SCARY! Jose Rizal, Spanish Era and all our first impressions were erased. All we could think of were the old horror movies. YES, the venue actually looked like those big houses where those horror films were shot.

I just wanted to tell the story that doesn’t really have something to do with the photos. LOL!

Despite our paranoia, we were still in love with the venue. It’s perfect for WEDDING RECEPTIONS. And again, the wedding topic doesn’t talk about the photos. So why did I put up the topic?

A photographer and a stylist are GETTING MARRIED!!! They did their pre-nup photoshoot and they thought of doing a fashion shoot while photographers are taking their photos while they’re on the set.

We were kilig while watching them having their moments!!!

Photo credits:

Photographer: Madz Barrido; Stylist: Grace Magcamit; Hair & Make-up: Sam Santos for Great Cuts of Angelo Justin


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