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7th of March 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on March 8, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, indeed! I received about 300 birthday greetings on my wall. I was counting because I didn’t expect that people would actually remember (or was it just because Facebook has a birthday alert? Haha! But still!). And apart from those, two friends of mine from different countries greeted me. Cathy, my former officemate  since last week who just moved to Singapore, sent me a birthday greeting via SMS. And my 0.001 bestfriend (we call each other “0.001 bestfriend” because I used to have a lot of bestfriends back in Grade School and she was one of them. Lame but cute.), Katrina Nakpil, from Canada called me up on my phone just to greet me. SO SWEET!

Out of the almost 300 birthday greetings on Facebook, these two made it to my “Best Greeting Award” list:

1. Cristina de los Reyes – one of our managers in our company

Translation: “Happy Birthday Farah, may you have more money.” (They enunciate my name as “Feyrah” at times and “Feyrah” sounds like “pera” which is “money” in English.)

2. Sinoia Nzima – a former model

Translation: Happy Birthday to the one and only Farah Ramos! Hahaha Miss you! :-*

Every employee in our company gets a cake, and 2 gifts on their birthday. So it was my turn to experience this tradition this afternoon.

I received a White Collezione polo top and a make-up bag. So cool!

Ma’am Sheyll gave me 4 bars of MARS because she always catch me buying some. Mars is my favorite chocolate… 🙂

My plan:

I wanted to show them how grateful I am of being a part of our company because I love the person that I’ve become. This company and my colleagues play the biggest roles in this transformation. So as my way of saying “Thank You,” I asked my mom to prepare Garlic Shrimps, and I ordered Barbecue and Kalderetang Baka for lunch.


Everene from Dolphin Ship Management gave me a huge keychain. I find it so sweet!


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