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Singapore Day 2: Universal Studios Sentosa

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on January 28, 2011

The Thrilling World of Movie Magic:

First 5 minus 2. 😥 We missed you Jian and Dos.


We went to see “LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION.” This attraction set my mood. Because of the sound and lighting effects and the production design, I got to feel, hear, touch, and see a film production live.

It was a storm scene. There was a sea set right infront of us… After a few minutes, the storm came… Imagine, water coming from the ceiling, a part of the water was set on fire, a boat fell from above…  People infront got wet because of the water splash that came from the boat.

It was amazing! We got excited to see more.


There was a WATER WORLD set. People got soaked! This was very entertaining!


Too bad the Battlestar Galactica wasn’t operating that day. The boys were relieved when they heard about this news because they don’t like rollercoasters.


This Egyptian followed me around. I ran for my life at first… but when I realized he had bigger steps, I stopped and started walking instead. Haha!


We had this crazy game over lunch time. We named it, “Pokerface Game.” Mark’s soup looked like a puddle of water after a rain. The greenish one. So we dared everyone to take a sip and the number one rule is to SHOW NO REACTION. It was crazy fun especially when we found out that the soup actually tasted a-okay. Mark even finished it! Haha!


Very entertaining. It was an interactive show. Donkey was actually talking to us.


Total Expenses:

Universal Studios (ticket): P2,500

Shopping budget: About 93 sgd (Rebate: 5sgd for food and 5sgd for merchandise)

* * * * * * * * * *

Vivo City. Dinner with my cousin, Poten.

Harbour Front

MRT to Tampines

I missed my cousin so much!

End of Day 2.


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