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SINGAPORE Trip: Tampines. Raffles Hotel. Bugis Street. Orchard. Clarke Quay.

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on January 27, 2011

January 21-24, 2011

We availed a Cabu Pacific promo, we got our round trip tickets for P3,600. We booked for Universal Studios for 72sgd (that’s about P2,500) per person.

This photo was taken while we were waiting in line to pay for the Travel Tax:

It was a 3-hour flight from Manila to Singapore. Changi Budget Terminal:

Upon arrival, Lalaine’s dad gave us a brief introduction about Singapore… and he told us the itinerary that he prepared for us. So we went straight to bed when we arrived at Lalaine’s house.

We woke up at 6am the next day since there were 7 of us and there were only 2 bathrooms. We stayed at the Carissa Condominium in Tampines, by the way. People in Singapore live in condominiums. Only the extremely rich ones can afford a house and lot.

Poolside of Carissa Condominium:

We walked going to the bus station… and we waited for a couple of minutes since buses arrive every after 15 to 30 minutes:

After that, we took the MRT (Trivia: You’ll get a $1 refund when you return the MRT card). This was my first time to ride their MRT:

We did a lot of walking and strutting… LOL:

First stop: Raffles Hotel. This was the first hotel in Singapore, it was named after Raffles… the person who discovered SG.

After that, we went to Bugis Square. It’s like the Divisoria or Greenhills of Singapore… literally. Because almost half of the things that are sold there are also sold in Greenhills. This also means that you can get cheap items there:

After that, we went to the Ion. I enjoyed shopping there because of the SALE!!! I went gaga over the shoes in Rubi. They’ve got the most comfortable shoes ever! I got 2 pairs:

I also went to Pull & Bear, The Things That Girls Need, etc. Ion is in Orchard Road… the other side has the expensive brands such as Cartier, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, etc.:

After the long walks, and endless shopping, we went to Clarke Quay to have a couple of drinks. Apparently, I wore my outfit from morning til midnight since we didn’t have the time and energy to go all the way back to Tampines to change.

End of Day 1.


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  1. Mir said, on February 3, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    When do you go back? Would love to join you! 🙂

    • Farah Ramos said, on February 7, 2012 at 7:53 am

      Not sure about that. My goal is to match the countries I’ve visited with my age. So I’m not planning to go back to Singapore… at least not this year. 😛 Where are you from?

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