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Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on June 13, 2010

JUNE 12, 2010: It was a beautiful wedding. 1920’s New York Vintage.

Dos picked me up at around 12 noon. We got to Tagaytay Highlands at exactly 3 p.m. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the chapel from the main gate. Really steep road and yeah, it’s far. It has a great view though, and seeing the venue itself was worth all the hassle that we went through.


The altar:

Dos and I. We got to the venue, at last! Yey! :

VIOLA Family:

The beautiful bride (wearing a Veejay Floresca gown) walking down the aisle:

The couple:

A wedding to remember.  Jose (yes, that’s still how I call him. I never got used to his other nicknames since that’s how we call him in Pre-school.) and Jihan reminded me that love is possible since I already forgot that something like it could still happen. Sorry, I’ve really become pessimistic about it.

I especially liked the part when Jose’s mom told Jihan, “take care of my son.” And when she talked about all the sacrifices and hardships she faced while racing him up. And I remember her saying, “it’s your turn now.” Those words really touched my heart.

I am really happy that my bestfriend already found the person whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with. They’re both lucky and I believe that they will last forever.

So here are more photos during the reception:

With Jomari’s friends:

Now this one’s my favorite part. Instead of throwing the bouquet and the garter belt, the single men had to finish 3 shots and the last man to finish wins, and they did the Trip to Jerusalem game for the ladies.

Jomari and Jihan did a demonstration on how to put the garter belt on.

Step 1: Crawl towards the lady.

Step 2: Dance like a macho dancer:

Step 3: Take the hat and coat off:

Step 4: The lap dance:

Step 5: Jomari takes of the garter belt:

Getting there….

Oh yeah!:

And it’s off using the teeth!:

Chuck’s turn!

The lap dance:

Chuck about to put the garter on using his teeth:

Here it goes….:

The crowd goes wild and shouts, “HIGHER!”:

Great yeah?

Thina Abando and I. The head pieces that are attached on our clutch bags are freebies from the wedding:

Special thanks to Martin Martinez for the photos.


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