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Loose white top, denim shorts, and boots.

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on June 4, 2010

Photos from Ebba Zingmark‘s blog. I love her style. I just don’t know where she got her clothes and shoes because I don’t understand a single word from her blog. I just took the liberty of looking at her photos. 😛

Juliett K.‘s shoes. I think she customized this H&M pair of ankle booties. I love the shape, the studds and the zipper on the side.

Chiara Ferragni is one of my new favorite bloggers. The picture above is an old post of hers. I just love the top. I know I have a thing with loose white shirts/ sandos (Check out the first photo I posted. Consistency.). It’s just easy to wear and comfortable. Plus it’s not too girly.

This super dropped armhole vest from Top Shop caught my eyes. Memories from the past just flashed in my head. I used to wear jersey number 7 two years ago, when I was still in college. I miss my volleyball varsity days.

I love the TOMBOY LOOK.

* * * * *

May 27, 2010: WORLD FAIR TRADE

OKASYON by Michelle Lim

Two different backgrounds/ lighting in 2 consecutive seconds:

I absolutely love this gown!!! It has a great fit and it’s light. The pieces that were showcased on this show were also used for Michelle Lim’s Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010.

Thanks to Mark Duma and Chantal Claravall for watching the show.

Chantal brought Andoni!!! He’s really the cutest child I’ve ever seen! And he kept on waving at me when he saw me backstage. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I swear, I will never ever forget to bring a camera the next time I’ll see him!


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