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April 28-30, 2010: ILOILO CITY!!!

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on May 5, 2010

Our first time in Iloilo City!

This is how the sky looks like in Iloilo, hahahahaah!

Efrain B. Treñas: Quito and Jay’s grandfather.

Treñas residence:

We went to this spot where you could see the Island of Guimaras (L-R: Quito Treñas. Gino Verona. Farah Ramos.):

At WESTWOOD TOWN. This is where we stayed. It’s located in SMALLVILLE:

Again, at the Treñas residence. I love the painting!:

Whooooooooo! DINNER!

At DAVID’s TEAHOUSE (Also in SMALLVILLE). The Treñases turned it into a private party!!! David’s Teahouse is owned by the Treñases. They also have a  bar at the 2nd floor/ rooftop. It’s called JAQ’s (which stands for Jay, Amanda and Quito). And here, we’re drinking QT pie. I love this drink!


Thanks so much QUITO TREñAS, Jay Treñas, Amanda Treñas, Carlo Aquino, Angelia Ong! You all made our first night super duper fun!!!


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