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Crying is a sign of weakness.

Posted in Modeling World by Farah Ramos on May 25, 2010

Photos by: Christine Day Lorico

Make-up: Bambi de la Cruz

Sometimes you just can’t help but let your guard down…

May, you’re depressing [I got sick. Got only 1 project. Some bad news. Dysfunctional. The heat! ] June, watch out for my comeback!

Well the present reflects the past. Understanding the patterns of one’s behavior in the past just explains the “now.” We can’t change the past anymore. We gotta face the consequences of our acts in the past. But what we can do is fix the present so as to have a better future.



BORACAY May 2010

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on May 20, 2010

WHITE HOUSE (Station 1). Jian, again, was waiting for the sunset… Perfect “ME TIME” photos. 😛

* * * * Me, Lean Pearl, and Jem Austria.

* * * * * With Camille Packing! Sexyyyyyy!

* * * * Interesting photo… we chose the best spot in Boracay! LOL! With my girls: Steph Stefanowitz, Lean Pearl, and Jem Austria.

* * * * * CLUB PARAW. With Angelia Ong, Thina Abando, Steph Stefanowitz and my friends’ friends.

* * * * * * Steph and Bob’s favorite place: Pat’s! Haha!

* * * * * *Love you Sass!

* * * * * HEY JUDE! Bobby Vicente and Jens Behrend

* * * * *Last day in Bora. DISCOVERY SHORES. Drinking Margarita and Pandan water!

* * * * * * Just like Bora 2009: Jemariz, Maze, L, and Farah

* * * * * * FINALLY! We’re complete!

Thanks to JIAN ALVAREZ, Steph Stefanowitz, and Lean Pearl for the photos.


Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on May 11, 2010

By: Jian Alvarez

All these next shots were done while Jian was waiting for the sunset, to take the perfect sunset shot.

I was sick the entire time I was in Boracay… so I spent my mornings til late afternoons in the room, resting. This was the earliest I was out. I forced myself to detach myself from the bed (I had a relationship with it for a whole week, LOL! I was really attached, I couldn’t leave “him.” Hahahahaha!) and joined my friends.

Luckily, it was a FUN afternoon. Jian brought his camera… and we were all in the mood to pose. I was going for CANDY MAGAZINE poses. Light, fun, with a smile plastered on my face:

* * * * *with Tin Gomez, Lalaine Odal and Diane Pagtalunan.

* * * * * * The girls minus Thina Abando: me, Maze Sandoval, Lalaine Odal, Tin Gomez, and Diane Pagtalunan

* * * * *Dos Alvarez and the girls.

* * * * *Spotted: Ms. Joan Bitagcol

More Boracay photos and entries later….


Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on May 10, 2010

Photos were taken last year during Merille Raagas’ visit here in the Philippines. We thought of doing a photoshoot together… Berkclickcup reunion!

Merille! Do you have photos of the 3 of us 8 years ago? 🙂

BERKCLICKCUP Girls: Farah Ramos, Merille Raagas, and Maja Salvador

“Ang Berksckickcup ay Berksclickcup. Walang mawawala at madadagdag.”

Photography: Glenn Tungol

April 28-30, 2010: ILOILO CITY!!!

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on May 5, 2010

Our first time in Iloilo City!

This is how the sky looks like in Iloilo, hahahahaah!

Efrain B. Treñas: Quito and Jay’s grandfather.

Treñas residence:

We went to this spot where you could see the Island of Guimaras (L-R: Quito Treñas. Gino Verona. Farah Ramos.):

At WESTWOOD TOWN. This is where we stayed. It’s located in SMALLVILLE:

Again, at the Treñas residence. I love the painting!:

Whooooooooo! DINNER!

At DAVID’s TEAHOUSE (Also in SMALLVILLE). The Treñases turned it into a private party!!! David’s Teahouse is owned by the Treñases. They also have a  bar at the 2nd floor/ rooftop. It’s called JAQ’s (which stands for Jay, Amanda and Quito). And here, we’re drinking QT pie. I love this drink!


Thanks so much QUITO TREñAS, Jay Treñas, Amanda Treñas, Carlo Aquino, Angelia Ong! You all made our first night super duper fun!!!