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Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on March 31, 2010

Tuesday night. I felt like doing something. Yes, I was bored earlier. All I hear is the PABASA (since it’s Holy Week) from the nearest church. So I asked Angelie Ungriano to come over… and then we came up with something.

A LOOK BOOK post. Dress from Ada.G, Shoes from Aldo, and knee-high socks from Pro Mod (I’m not really sure about the socks but what the hell? I felt like wearing ’em.)

I lost my pair of Zoo shoes so I felt like I had to replace them. So I got this pair from Aldo. They’re 5 inches… Love love love uber high-heels!

And here are some shots of our DEMOLISHED HOUSE. We’re building a 5-door apartment/ town house for the Ramos family. In the meantime, we’re renting a way smaller apartment just right beside our demolished house. We’ll be staying here for roughly 6 months according to my Aunt.

So yeah, I’m sort of pleased with what Angelie and I did at an unearthly hour. We started at around 10pm and then I practiced my photoshop skills. Finished everything at hmmmmm, 11:30pm.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Angelie Ungriano.


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