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Posted in Uncategorized by Farah Ramos on March 29, 2010

Late post: Celebrated my 23rd birthday at MEMBERS ONLY, The Fort, last March 8. Thanks to Jerz Oliveria for the open bar.

I had so much fun. Thanks for celebrating it with me guys!

-with my MAGIC 7 girls and more… Next trip!!!

—with Jens and Thina.

—Chantal Claravall (my beb) on the phone!

—with Iya, Yra and Ate Tetch. Oooooh, Bobson days!!!

—I love this shot, thanks to Jens for this!

—with my lil brother, Pete Cureg!

—Cute couple.

—with Yra and Phol Tapia.

—with Lalaine (MC Buddy) and Asheesh.

—I love my girls!

—Cute photo with Jens. 🙂

—with Robyn, Joan and Frank.

—cute cute! Bobson, Proj Runway, and Jens.


—with Steph Stefanowitz (sasssss!) and Jens. Germansssss!

—Bullies: Jessy and Krystle… Gio Emprese!!!

—I love you guys and Jem!

—Andre and Jem!

—Where’s the next trip?


Credits: PEARL and EVE for my outfit and Jens Behrend for the photos.


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