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Tuesday night. I felt like doing something. Yes, I was bored earlier. All I hear is the PABASA (since it’s Holy Week) from the nearest church. So I asked Angelie Ungriano to come over… and then we came up with something.

A LOOK BOOK post. Dress from Ada.G, Shoes from Aldo, and knee-high socks from Pro Mod (I’m not really sure about the socks but what the hell? I felt like wearing ’em.)

I lost my pair of Zoo shoes so I felt like I had to replace them. So I got this pair from Aldo. They’re 5 inches… Love love love uber high-heels!

And here are some shots of our DEMOLISHED HOUSE. We’re building a 5-door apartment/ town house for the Ramos family. In the meantime, we’re renting a way smaller apartment just right beside our demolished house. We’ll be staying here for roughly 6 months according to my Aunt.

So yeah, I’m sort of pleased with what Angelie and I did at an unearthly hour. We started at around 10pm and then I practiced my photoshop skills. Finished everything at hmmmmm, 11:30pm.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Angelie Ungriano.



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Look Book post:

Boots from Vienna Austria, Floral Polo Dress from Fishbowl.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Oh wow, the photos turned out shitty. Word Press really needs to improve on this. Anyway, just click on the photos to have a better look on the photos.)

I came across NASTY GAL‘s site and found really great vintage stuff.


Batik Fringe Dress. $88.00

Explosion Silk Sequin Top.  $198.00

Norma Kamali Peplum Jumpsuit. $280

Victor Costa Sequined Angora Cardigan. $98

Reversible Colorblock Jacket. $111


Testarossa Safety Shades. $50

Incognito Shades. $48

The items posted are mostly from the 80’s.

I’m starting to love jumpsuits.. It has a “from work wear to haute couture look.” And as for the other dresses, they have interesting patterns… they give me an idea that dressing up is fun. And that’s actually how it should be.

And since it’s SUMMER, I’d like to have something like this. It’s just perfect:

Electric Luau Swimsuit. $48

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, March 28: Fun, spontaneous night.

—with Fatz Poblador and Caitlin de Guzman (outside Encore)

—with Lea Estrellado and Caitlin de Guzman

—with my MIRIAM COLLEGE VOLLEYBALL TEAMMATES! Crazy MC Trio: Thina Abando, Sugar Mesina, and Farah D. with Lisa Costa, Ted, and Chesca!

—with Jens Behrend at Members Only.

—with Marco Schneider, Fatz Poblador, Caitlin de Guzman and Christoph at B-SIDE.


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Late post: Celebrated my 23rd birthday at MEMBERS ONLY, The Fort, last March 8. Thanks to Jerz Oliveria for the open bar.

I had so much fun. Thanks for celebrating it with me guys!

-with my MAGIC 7 girls and more… Next trip!!!

—with Jens and Thina.

—Chantal Claravall (my beb) on the phone!

—with Iya, Yra and Ate Tetch. Oooooh, Bobson days!!!

—I love this shot, thanks to Jens for this!

—with my lil brother, Pete Cureg!

—Cute couple.

—with Yra and Phol Tapia.

—with Lalaine (MC Buddy) and Asheesh.

—I love my girls!

—Cute photo with Jens. 🙂

—with Robyn, Joan and Frank.

—cute cute! Bobson, Proj Runway, and Jens.


—with Steph Stefanowitz (sasssss!) and Jens. Germansssss!

—Bullies: Jessy and Krystle… Gio Emprese!!!

—I love you guys and Jem!

—Andre and Jem!

—Where’s the next trip?


Credits: PEARL and EVE for my outfit and Jens Behrend for the photos.

1920s New York Vintage

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It’s my bestfriend Jomari Viola’s wedding on June 12, 2010. He told me that the theme is 1920s New York Vintage.

So I had to research about it cuz unfortunately, I learned that I am not part of the entourage (which is disappointing because he’s been my friend since pre-school. I didn’t ask about it cuz I was so sure that I was part of it… but I was wrong. Anyway, he explained it to me… so I decided to just let it pass.)

I am so excited about this wedding because it’s going to be my first time to attend a THEMED WEDDING.

Here are the pegs that I found under the said category:

And then I checked out my favorite blogger, Jane Aldridge’s site (SEA of SHOES) and looked for some inspiration:

Vintage Vivienne Westwood jacket. Worn with antique lace blouse from If.

Close ups the jewelry…vintage Ahnk necklace & Pamela Love claw.

Koos Van Dan Akker wrap dress.

The cameo necklace is vintage Nettie Rosenstein.

I also found this nice photo taken from a real 1920’s-themed Wedding from GLAMOUR:

Kate Moss for Vogue: 1920s FLAPPER FASHION RETURNS

1920s Fashion:

Coco Chanel, Paul Poiret, and other visionary fashion designers had pivotal roles in defining the flapper style.

Poiret made his mark by ridding modern fashion of the corset, Vionette made hers with the intricate cutting techniques, while Chanel simply redefined fashion.

Chanel’s designs were never extravagant or overdone.

They took a new look at what it meant to be a woman in the modern world and built a brand new fashion around it. Her dresses were made for “flappers” because they allowed a woman to move, wouldn’t fall apart when she danced, and were as appropriate for the outdoors as the indoors.

Both modern and flapper fashion owe a lot to the vision of Coco Chanel. – SOURCE: 1920s Fashion and Music


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Dinner with friends in Italliani’s, Eastwood City. Gino Verona, Jem Austria, Lean Tinio, Paul Rayos, Angelie Ungriano, Chris Roxas, and Jens.

My friends gave me a “Ms. Farah’s Lips” cake,  balloons, and an artwork. They know how much I love surprises. (That was just really sweet. Thanks again, guys!)

Here are the photos:

The “Ms. Farah’s Lips” cake.

Awwwwww. The artwork/ poster by Gino Verona.

Love the cake, guys!

Lighting the candle.

Oh Ms. Farah’s Lips. Hehehehe.

Facebook primary photo. Hehe!

I love you guys!!!

Gino V., Jem Austria, Angelie Ungriano, Chris Roxas, and I.

The cake once again.

Chris Roxas finally showed up, yey!

Lean Pearl of PEARL & EVE.

Bubu Bear!!!

Jens and I.

Clay Art by Angelie Ungriano.

Complete group shot.


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My first Fashion Editorial for Manila Bulletin was published last February 13, 2o10. I just didn’t get to post the photos cuz it slipped off my mind (how could that happen? LOL!). Anyway, here are the photos:


February 13, 2010

Manila Bulletin

* * * * *

I came across this photo while checking out my new favorite blogger’s site (Constance-Victoria). This is actually a shot taken by an Australian photographer named Will Davidson. What really fascinated me is the outfit. The stylist did an amazing job here. The very reason why I posted this is because I’d like to have something like this:

My first PEARL and EVE item. Angelie Ungriano’s Artwork.

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I got my first PEARL & EVE piece last Sunday… wore it at the POOL PARTY somewhere in Salcedo Village, Makati City. I matched it with a white bikini top and shorts from BADJ SWIMWEAR. I don’t really like buying at the stores anymore… I like buying from my designer friends cuz they have limited pieces… (not to mention I get a special price.)

I will update this post with more photos from the party as soon as they tag me on Facebook. 😛

***I’m really beginning to hate the quality of the photos on Word Press. They look great on my laptop but once I post them here, it gets pixelated. What the hell?!

ANGELIE UNGRIANO’s ARTWORK! Thanks for the birthday gift!


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Photographer: EDRIC CHEN


Designer: To be revealed SOON.

This is one of the most interesting photo shoots I’ve done. Edric Chen is really very experimental with his shots. When we saw the 1st photo in Edric’s camera, we fell inlove with it instantly. Just so you know, the photo is not photoshopped. That’s exactly how it looked like when we saw it in the camera. Edric is really talented. The “reflection” shot is the favorite of the group.

I just like the second shot. That’s all.

The third photo is also interesting. Xernan Ortico made a dress with the use of black cartolina. Amazing, yeah?

March 3: FIP Exhibit. Birthday Celebration Part 1 at Establishment.

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Fashion Institute of the Philippines (FIP) Exhibit.
Randy Capinpin photography, Make-up by Hannah Pechon, Hair by Jay Wee.

My BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Part 1 at Establishment.

The ALVAREZ brothers’ despedida/ my Birthday Celebration Part 1. I just had to celebrate my birthday with the First Five and Magic 7. I love you guys!