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Third day in Hongkong: Hongkong University. Peak Tram.

Posted in Adventures, Modeling World by Farah Ramos on December 25, 2009

3rd Day: My shoot at Tata’s studio in Tai Koo with  photographer Tommy Ng and Make-up artist Tata of TA Styling. Skirt: Pearl and Eve

The second layout at the HONGKONG UNVERSITY.

After the shoot: PEAK TRAM with the gang.

It took me 1 hour to get to Tai Koo. I had to take 2 MTR lines. Tommy and I met up at the station and walked going to Tata’s studio.

Tata and I had a little chat and I found out that she’s been to more places in the Philippines than I have. She’s into diving so she really likes going back to my country.

Working with foreigners was a total experience.

After the layout at Tata’s studio, Tommy and I took the MTR going to a mall. We didn’t push through shooting there since it was raining. So we both decided to go to the Hongkong University. We had to take the BUS going there. That was interesting cuz when you drop your payment, the amount will register. I was amazed.

I saw the different Colleges and Universities. They have St. Paul’s College in Hongkong. Anyway, I saw different people of different nationalities inside HONGKONG UNIVERSITY (united colors of Benetton indeed :P).

Even if I was already tired, I went to PEAK TRAM to meet up with my friends. Tommy showed me the way to Central station. We rode the TRAMWAY and sat at the 2nd floor.

From Central station, I walked going to the PEAK TRAM. I somehow got lost. This Indian couple asked me where the Peak Tram is located. Told them I was also looking for it. At least I had company. While walking, I looked for an American to ask for directions. I spotted one and got the right directions.

I rode the PEAK TRAM and I was amazed. It’s like a huge train going up the mountain. When I got at the top, I already saw Thina.

We went to MADAM TAUSSAUDS. Check out the photos:

SCREAM booth with the group. 🙂

Naomi Campbell

Oh stop making me laugh, Eddie!!

I love Princess Diana.

My Royal Family.


Shakespeare is writing my LOVE STORY.

Johnny Depp


Bruce Lee

View from the Peak Tram.

THE GANG! Dos, Mark, Thina, Farah, and Jian (taking the photo).


Hongkong Fashion. I love.



SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jian Alvarez for the photos.


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  1. Jian said, on December 26, 2009 at 9:45 pm

    I love it, Farah. Nice content! 🙂

  2. Farah Ramos said, on December 28, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Lookie! I made a link to your webbie, Jian! 😛

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