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Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on December 16, 2009

I got 3 free passes (thanks to Maja, my dude). So we only had to pay for the remaining 2. We met Gabby, Maja’s friend who is an entertainer in Disneyland.

“Kiss the ground.”- People believe that when you do this, you’d get to go back to that place. LOL!

With Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Rapunzel (Rapunzel).

First ride: Space Mountain. This one was phenomenal! This one’s my favorite. It’s a roller coaster inside a room. You won’t see the pattern which makes it a bit scary. You’ll feel like you’re beside the stars while riding… plus you’ll feel like you’re beside the other planets. What’s also unique about this is that there’s a musical background so it was a total experience!

We watched the parade. Look at the photos!

The GOLDEN MICKEYS. The different Disney characters sang the different Disney songs.

LION KING. This one’s also awesome. The trapeze part was my favorite and the juggling of torch.

After those, we waited for the FIRE WORKS DISPLAY. We had the best spot. It was the best Fire Works display that I’ve seen ever. Cuz it goes with the music plus damn, you’ll for sure feel like a child.


HOME. We bought a bottle of Kurant Vodka (guess who chose that drink. LOL) and played “I’VE NEVER……” Nothing would beat that drinking game. We learned a lot about each other after that. Yes, a lot of tears shed… ‘nuff said.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jian Alvarez and Dos Alvarez for the photos.


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