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HONGKONG Trip Dec. 2009

Posted in Adventures by Farah Ramos on December 15, 2009


We got our round-trip tickets for only P7,000. Thina’s Aunt lives in Tung Chung, Hongkong and that’s where we stayed. It was approximately 10 minutes away from the Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

We left Manila at around 5pm and arrived in Hongkong at 7pm. It was 2 hours away from Manila.

When we got there, we got into a red taxi going to Block 6 Coastal Skyline, Tung Chung.

The view from our room.

On the way there, we saw the clean streets and felt the cold weather. We found our room, left our stuff and went outside. We had to FEEL THE PLACE!

So we walked around Tung Chung… took some pictures.

Walking around Tung Chung

First meal in Hongkong. We brought canned goods! LOL.

Our view from our room: The mountains and the main street.

1st Day: Bought Octopus tickets (3-day unlimited MTR ride) for 220HKD

Rode the Cable Car going to Lantau Island where the GIANT BUDDHA is located.

Rode the MTR going to MONG KOK.

Tasks: Thina as the cook, I do the dishes and Jian what was your task???

The cable car ride was exciting and fun. It was about a 30-minute ride. You could choose between an ordinary ride or a glass cable car (wherein you’ll step on glass and you’ll have a better look below). We decided to take the ordinary one since the glass cable car is more expensive.

Cable Car ride to Lantau.

Lantau Island was awesome. Before hitting the stairs that leads to the GIANT BUDDHA, you’ll pass by a Market and this site with flags. At the top of the GIANT BUDDHA, there’s an entrance in the middle going up the GIANT BUDDHA (but there’s extra charge so we decided not to go there). This was exhausting. ‘twas a good thing we were all wearing comfortable clothes.

Mong Kok is one of the famous markets in Hong Kong. At the LADIES’ MARKET, you’ll see familiar items there cuz they are also sold in Greenhills here in Manila. Only here, there’s a huge variety of stores. You could go for branded stores, there’s also technology/ gadget stores, and/or the “tiangge” or thrift stalls. Just like in Divisoria and Greenhills, you could negotiate with the prices.

Shopping in Mongkok.

Avenue of Stars

After that, we went back to our place at Tung Chung. It was really exhausting. It was almost like a challenge for us to walk back Coastal Skyline. Jian and I bought dinner in McDO at the Citygate while Thina went ahead to the room. When we finally reached the room, we immediately started to eat…. and then SURPRISE SURPRISE! Dos and Mark were there!!!

The five of us had dinner and watched a movie before hitting the sack.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jian Alvarez and Thina Abando for the photos.


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